78 Reasons Every American Should Wish Ron Paul a Happy Birthday

“1. He favors sound money. 2. He doesn’t care what the legal driving age is.  3. He’s a celebrity.  4. He crushes baseballs while wearing a retro Houston Astros uniform.  5. He’s not afraid to call Rick Santorum a ‘fake’ to his face.  6. He thumbs his nose at the establishment.  7. He’s suave.  8. He’s serious.  9. He enjoys a good laugh. Either that, or he just won the Showcase Showdown.  10. He’s for peace, not war.  11. He served in the military, unlike most warmongering politicians.  12. He doesn’t go to parties. The parties go to him.  13. He’s the only septuagenarian who can pull off the backwards hat look.  [..]”


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