GOP Help Pass Medicaid Expansion in the House


“I have not yet begun to fight!” John Paul Jones
response to enemy demand to surrender — 1779


Michigan Citizens,

Unfortunately, as many know by now the Medicaid Expansion bill HB 4714 passed the House, the same way it passed the Senate, with help from GOP “leadership” and members of the House and Senate.

State Rep. Greg MacMaster, R-Kewadin, was the only member to change his vote from June, going from a “yes” to a “no.” and that probability because he wants to run for the Senate seat of retiring Sen Walker (R) another Expansion voter.

In the end, 27 of 58 House Republicans voted for Medicaid expansion, joining all but one Democrat and the lone independent. Eight of 26 Republican Senators voted for the bill last week, which would not have passed either chamber without significant Democratic support.

The Tea Party, who have been called radicals, other limited government activists and MIGOP members desire that Republicans vote like they are supposed to believe  you know oppose Obama Care in its entirely, low taxes, less regulations, limit government yada yada yada, that’s NOT radical that’s a reasonable expectation

A friend of mine lamented to me just the other day and is now confirmed: We have a “Democrat controlled House and Senate!” Meaning that unfortunately, the House and Senate GOP majority are voting like Democrats and implementing a minority party Liberal agenda.

Ladies and gentlemen, THAT is radical!

However, there have been far to many votes for far to long and not just on a state level here in Michigan but on a national level that confirm what MANY voters believe now, There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats

“Wall of Shame” Obama Care Voters

Applying our Pitchforks and Torches

The only thing left to do is NOT help or support in any way OR vote for ANY House Rep or Senator in 2014 (or beyond) who voted to implement the most critical component of Obama Care in Michigan, the Medicaid Expansion. Pitch forks and Torches applied.

Then replace them with citizen statesman who know that public office has a responsibility, and that responsibility is to Michigan’s Constitution and her citizens INSTEAD of a just another career path of money and power.

These are YES voters who are NOT term limited and up for re-election. Please feel free to communicate your disgust and pledge NOT to support them in 2014

I just did

Copy and Paste into your email program to send one email to all the YES voters,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Anthony Forlini District 24 (R) Phone: (517) 373-0113 
Toll Free: (888) 347-8024    Email:

Frank Foster formerly District 107 is also considering running for the retiring Sen. Walker (R) (another Medicaid Expansion voter)  represents the 37th Michigan Senate    Phone: (517) 373-2629 Email:

Ben Glardon (R) District 85  Phone: (517) 373-0841
Toll Free: (877) 558-5426  
FAX: (517) 373-7937 Email:

Bradford Jacobsen (R) District 46 Phone: 517-373-1798 
Toll Free: (855) 737-2723 [855 REPBRAD]  Email:

Klint Kesto (formerly/ archived link (R) District 39 Phone: (517) 373-1799
FAX: (517) 373-8361 Email:

Andrea LaFontaine (R) District 32 Phone: (517) 373-8931
Toll Free: 1-866-DIST-032 (1-866-347-8032) Email:

Lisa Lyons (R) District 86 If you recall Lyons was touted as “rising young conservative” formerly/ by The American Conservative Union (ACU) at CPAC 2013 Phone: (517) 373-0846
Toll Free: (855) 596-6786 Email:

Mike McCready (R) District 40 Phone: (517) 373-8670
Toll Free: (855) 373-8670
FAX: (517) 373-5868 Email:

Dave Pagel (R) 78th District Phone: (517) 373-1796
Toll Free: 888-373-0078
FAX: (517) 373-5918   Email:

Earl Poleski (R) 64th District Phone: (517) 373-1795
Toll Free: 1-888-643-4786
FAX: (517) 373-5760 Email:

Amanda Price (R) 8th District Phone: (517) 373-0838
Toll Free: (888) 238-1008       Email:

Majority Caucus Chair Al Pscholka (R) District 79  Phone: (517) 373-1403
Toll Free: (888) 656-0079 Email:

Bill Rogers formerly (R) District 42  Phone: (517) 373-1784
Toll Free: (800) 295-0066 
FAX: (517) 373-8957    Email:

Assistant Majority Floor Leader Mike Shirkey, (R) District 65  Phone: (517) 373-1775
Toll Free: (888) 347-8065 [888 DIST065] Email:

Ken Yonker (R) District 72 Phone: (517) 373-0840
Toll Free: (888) 347-8072 Email:

Dale Zorn formerly District 56 Phone: (517) 373-2617
Toll Free: (877) 967-6056 Email:

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