Is It Time to Feel Sorry for the President and other Obamacare Supporters?

“It must not be fun having to explain to people that their private financial and medical information will now be in the hands of some of the least competent people in America.  Or imagine what it must be like when some of your biggest allies start complaining about the law. Such as union bosses formerly/–finance.html.  Or government bureaucrats.  And what about stories about cost overruns.  And how about all the bad news about limited choice (formerly/ in the infamous Obamacare exchanges.

 September 12, 2013
W.Va. insurance marketplace to have only 1 company under Obamacare
Associated Press
CHARLESTON — Only one company will participate in West Virginia’s new individual health insurance marketplace.

Media outlets report that Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and Carelink/Coventry applied and were accepted to participate in the individual marketplace. But Carelink/Coventry has withdrawn.

Highmark CEO William Winkenwerder says his company will participate and offer 11 different plans. Highmark also will offer four plans in the state’s small business marketplace.

The health insurance marketplace is part of the Affordable Care Act. Enrollment begins Oct. 1. Coverage will begin Jan. 1, 2014.

West Virginians for Affordable Health Care executive director Perry Bryant says he hopes more companies over time will participate in the marketplace.

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Or rising insurance costs.  Our privacy will be compromised, our choices will be limited, our costs will increase, and the government will squander more of our money. All for a law that even left-wing groups are learning to despise.”

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