David Stockman: Lunatic Fed Engineering Global Collapse

“Yellen has been part of this Fed system since the 1990s.  Just start with the year 2000:  The balance sheet of the Fed was $500 billion.  Today it’s pushing $4 trillion.  That’s an eight-fold increase just in this century.  She’s been part of it all along, and if that isn’t monetizing the debt, (then) I don’t know what the word means.   It is only the top 1% that has experienced a huge windfall from the serial bubbles that the Fed has created.  So, if you go right to the core of what this is all about — what the Fed’s mission is, what the new chairman of the Fed will be doing and saying, I think we had a pretty good indication that she’s going to take this lunatic policy that we’ve had for years now right over the edge.”


formerly http://www.kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/Broadcast/Entries/2013/11/17_David_A._Stockman_files/David%20Stockman%2011%3A17%3A2013.mp3

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