Mark Levin’s legal foundation joins in the Arizona suit siding with Arizona

Mark Levin announced today his Landmark Legal Foundation is jumping in against the Obama/Calderón administration’s attempt to vilify the state of Arizona for passing a law identical to not only the federal statutes, but other state’s laws as well.

American’s support for the Arizona law (SB1070) was put at 57% recently in a CBS poll, and other polls put that number even higher.

Taking on Mexico in his Amaicus Brief [.pdf file], Landmark Legal says;

Mexico’s self-serving intrusion in this matter represents a stunning breach of diplomatic protocol. It is a poorly disguised effort to influence U.S. domestic policy through the exertion of diplomatic pressure on this Court. It should be rejected outright.

We are aware of no other foreign government seeking to interfere with the internal political, policy, and legal issues relating to this federal-state matter. Mexico is attempting to gain through this litigation what it has not been able to achieve diplomatically through the United States Congress. Moreover, Mexico appears to have coordinated its participation in this case with Plaintiffs (and now with the federal government in another challenge of this Act) in order to create a false record of diplomatic distress resulting from Arizona’s enactment of SB 1070.

If Levin gets before a Judge, get the popcorn…

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