OK2A Announces Initial Round Of Endorsements

OK2A is pleased to announce the initial round of endorsements for Campaign 2014.  This initial list includes incumbents who have demonstrated a strong support for our right to keep and bear arms through authoring legislation or helping in some significant way to advance legislation.  Also, there are some candidates for open seats with which OK2A has a long-standing relationship in which these individuals have demonstrated strong support for the Second Amendment.  These endorsements are based solely on Second Amendment issues and do not take into account stances on other issues.  For information about where these candidates stand on other issues, please consult other issue groups and scorecards.  Another round of endorsements will be released after candidates have completed OK2A’s candidate questionnaire.

State Senate endorsements:

District 6: Josh Brecheen
District 20: AJ Griffin
District 40: Steve Kern
District 44: Ralph Shortey

State House endorsements:

District 12: David Tackett
District 14: George Faught
District 26: Justin Wood
District 27: Josh Cockroft
District 28: Tom Newell
District 31: Jason Murphey
District 36: Sean Roberts
District 41: John Enns
District 54: Paul Wesselhoft
District 61: Kenny Bob Tapp
District 69: Paul Bowman
District 82: Kevin Calvey
District 87: Jason Nelson
District 93: Mike Christian
District 96: Lewis Moore
District 100: Elise Hall

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