Foreign Policy

The New National Past Time: Pipeline Hot Potato

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! Wait… Is that a football? No, but it is brown. And it is oblong. Hey, it’s smoking! Wait! It’s a hot potato! It’s America’s new national past time and no, sorry, Husker fans, it is not football. It’s called Pipeline Hot Potato. So, let’s play! Let’s meet our… more

Christianity Today:  Interview with Ron Paul on Hot Topics facing Christians and Moral Values

In his speech, Paul emphasized personal responsibility, using the example of Jesus’ response to prostitution. “He didn’t call for more laws. But he was very direct and thought that stoning was not the solution to the problem of prostitution,” he told the crowd. “So do laws take care of these things, or do we need a better understanding of our Christian values and our moral principles?” In an interview withChristianity Today following his speech, Paul explained why he doesn’t think the government can create morality.

Tom Pauken to Heritage (2010) Bringing America Home and the Reagan Coalition

How did America go from having the strongest economy in the world to facing our most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression? How did the Bush Administration squander the political capital that Goldwater-Reagan conservatives took more than three decades to build? What became of an American culture that once was guided by the principles of Christianity? In Bringing America Home, Tom Pauken not only explains how we lost our way, but also shows how our founding principles can help us find our way back.

China and Russia blast US for not taking Tea Party debt plan

Well, that’s what the headline should read. Russia last week, China this week; China, the largest foreign investor in U.S. government securities, joined Russia in criticizing American policy makers for failing to ensure borrowing is reined in after a stopgap deal to raise the nation’s debt limit. Note they were not impressed by the bi-partisanship, […]

US Governors Led By Dave Heineman to Pair Up With Chinese July 15

  Nebraskans concerned about U.S. sovereignty and the health of our economy, may want to get in touch with Dave Heineman regarding the upcoming forum explained forum. See the bottom of this article for Governor Heineman’s contact information. Several weeks ago, our friends at OK-SAFE alerted us to the fact that the National Governors Association […]

Obama’s Libyan Nightmare

The nightmare for us is, Obama’s in charge Sitting here trying to get my thoughts together on just how badly Obama has handled this Libyan fiasco. And I sit in stunned amazement, as many no doubt do, at how convoluted and idiotic the whole management of the thing has been from start to today. Statements […]

Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan are all examples of how government, no matter how many billions we throw at them, will NEVER do the job the church was created to do. This is the REAL story behind the chaos in Egypt. The US for years has spent bill…

Political Correctness’ biggest impact on freedom is not speech but with city, state, and national budgets. All across this country we have allowed political correctness to dictate spending so we don’t offend and/or single out people or groups. Fr…