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Tulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution 2012 Come celebrate fall with friends and families! Music * Games * Fellowship Lunch – Bring a potluck dish Speakers: Jim Bridenstine, Nathan Dahm, Ken Walker, Bill Christiansen Tulsa, OK 74105 – USA Saturday, Oct… more

Tulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution 2012 I hate to be the one to be the bearer of this news…The HQ is soon going to be demolished due to the highway expansion & utilities will be shut off. So, come get anything you donated to the headquarters that you w… more

Tulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution 2012 It will be in the Lyon Chapel and Fine Arts Center. OKWU President Dr. Everett Piper will serve as host and moderator. Panelists will include Charlie Taraboletti of KWON radio and Pat Campbell of KFAQ. Questions w… more

OKC Ron Paul 2012 This is very short notice as we had one scheduled for November 22nd, the traditional date. We are holding it on this date because that is when the national movement has arranged to have the End The Fed events. We plan on distributing … more

Tulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution 2012 Bring snacks and drinks if you want. Come enjoy a movie and company! Tulsa, OK – USA Saturday, September 15 at 2:30 PM Attending: 3 Details: http://www.meetup.com/ronpaul-32/events/81584642/ more

A “Professional” Wrestling Match

It is interesting to note that the electorate gets smarter and smarter the closer to election day; however, once election day is over, those who thought you (the voter) smart, become intent on telling you what to think/eat/drink/smoke/dream/do/etc, because it … more

Are They Scared?

This video is the bone the RNC threw to the Freedom Movement. You will notice that war was not an “approved” topic for the video. Also, you will notice that the politicians who are commenting on Ron Paul are those … Continue reading more