So maybe the power elite doesn't have in mind raping and looting Europe and leaving after all, as some in the alternative press have recently been reporting. (Yes, they'll rape and loot, but they'll likely stick around just as we've been suggesting this past week.) Seems like the EU dominant social theme is yet too valuable to discard. No surprise to us, or our readers and talented feedbackers – who've been pitching in of late with inordinate, though not surprising, brilliance.

International currencies are much in the news these days (see other article, this issue) and in this article we will contemplate two rhetorical goalposts that the power elite could use to move the world further on down the field toward a single Western international currency administered by one huge private central bank. (Is that their goal – the ultimate dominant social theme? We think it might be).

James Turk's article Hyperinflation Looms dated April 20, 2010, is based on Quantity Theory of Money (QTM). It draws an analogy between Weimar Germany of 1923 and the United States of 2010. Both precepts are invalid. As far as the QTM is concerned, it suffices to point to the very fact, admitted by Turk, that it is possible to have a shortage of money simultaneously with the overworking of the printing presses. Hyperinflation is not the same as the ultimate inflation of the money supply.

The gist of the tragedy is that commonly held (important) resources will be depleted and will not be replenished. And this doesn't apply only to how the wilds are being ruined by being held in common but also to national treasuries which everyone in a country believes is there for him or her to dip into indiscriminately. And then, with international communities, the tragedy isn't contained by national borders.

Because the Bell is perhaps the only publication singularly dedicated to reporting on the power elite's dominant social themes and how they are promoted and faring, our coverage often veers off from both the mainstream media's AND that of the alternative press. Additionally, having identified the Internet itself – comprising the world's second major communication's revolution (the Gutenberg press was the first one) – as a significant obstacle to power elite global centralization plans, we

We will take a back seat to no one when it comes to relief that the horrible modern era of Labour governance is over for Britain. We are happy that we will not have to read about the sociopathic ramblings of Gordon Brown anymore, or watch as he and/or his ministers lie their way through another press conference.

Ron Paul speaks to the House about his concern regarding the currency crisis. He reviews the economic situation and the audit the fed bill briefly. He talks about the bailout of Greece and how money is created out of thin air and then transferred to banking ‘friends’. He is clearly concerned and continues to educate and inform and encourage an audit of the federal reserve system.

We do not know how this epic struggle will be resolved. But we do know that the EU's recent actions in supporting its Southern flank may now have jeopardized its Northern one as well. Perhaps all will be well, but we've never been especially bullish on this flawed version of Charlemagne's empire – not even after the trillion-dollar bailout announced yesterday. The "market euphoria" following those financial moves took about 24-hours to wear off. Now, we would venture, the EU, or at least the

We are always shocked by NASA's profligacy and the way it goes about spending billions. It's not far behind the Pentagon in that regard. And we guess the European Space Agency shares similar characteristics. We suppose that this announcement is a way for NASA to reclaim some relevancy after cuts in its budget and various manned-space programs. But isn't all this Big Science getting a little out of hand. Here's some more from the article:

America is no stranger to the ditches along with the fools who persist in driving us there; and the world of politics is an excellent arena to demonstrate this fact. For over four decades now from 1968 to 2010, the Republican Party hierarchy has been playing the role of Lucy to Charlie Brown conservatives. Every election year GOP politicians promise to millions of traditional conservatives among the party that if they will donate their money, time and votes to elect them, they as Republicans

Eurozone leaders are ready to defend the euro with the equivalent of US$1trillion if necessary. The American Fed and other central banks stand ready to help too apparently. There are several conclusions to be reached from this – and the mainstream and alternative media is generously presenting at least seven scenarios (perhaps our readers can provide more?). Below, we use the article excerpt above as a jumping off point to unpack them for you, explain the significance of each and then choose