Southern Avenger: The Republican War Fetish

SouthernAvenger (Jack Hunter, South Carolina) — April 29, 2010 — Taking the GOP to task on the one issue too many Republicans still consider non-negotiable.

a cautious hat tip to all who have admitted their mistakes during this election season

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We promised ourselves not to write about the Greek/Euro crisis again for a couple of days, but we can't help but return to it when we see articles like the one excerpted above. In our view, the Greek crisis seems designed to provide real-life examples of what we've been writing about these past few years.

We've been reading the reactions to the Arizona anti-immigrant bill, and we've seen how the bill is being utilized to ignite a seeming groundswell of support for upcoming immigration legislation planned by the administration. Arizona's new law makes it easier to deport "illegal immigrants." What the US administration has planned (if not now, then in a year or two) will make it easier to be a South American immigrant and to stay in the US regardless of status.

    ENGLISH FIRST WILL NEGATIVELY SCORE THE BURTON/YOUNG AMENDMENT ALLOWING BILINGUALISM.   The Burton/Don Young destructive amendment is meant to give cover to bilingualism.  Congressman Burton is reprising his role as spoiler on the English is…

At one level, this is petty but it’s indicative of a bigger problem.  Have you made a reservation at a hotel, and found out at the last minute that instead of the quoted price, you’re paying an additional $20 a day because of a “resort fee?”  Why can’t they be honest and simply show the […]

To the degree that these elites will use the financial crisis to further concentrate power and wealth, we think that increased, monetary chaos is a possibility. If, on the other hand, national economic elites allow a semblance of a marketplace for money to operate, perhaps the situation can be salvaged. A private gold and silver standard would be most useful in this regard. Further consolidation of the money system under, say, an IMF regime, would not be.

We agree with Eric Sprott about gold, or at least as his comments are reported in the above excerpted article. And of course we take into account that his optimism is colored by his launch of a gold hedge fund with a perceived superiority because investors can redeem their shares for physical gold. We would only point out that one might think of buying physical gold to begin with and taking delivery – thus short-circuiting the necessity of buying an ETF at all.

When campaigning for the presidency, Obama promised us that if elected, he’d move America away from fascism, by ending the Bush policies of torture and fanatic militarism in two important ways: First, he’d terminate the practice of sending the so-called "enemy non-combatants" to over 170 foreign military bases for torture, and end the notorious military tribunals that deny detainees basic rights. It was change most of us believed in, but has never come.

Volunteering 101:  Your Time is a Real Treasure

Your Time is a Real Treasure or Volunteering 101 It has come to my attention that there are some people and organizations trying to abuse the grassroots (i.e. middle America, the silent majority, the real people). They are doing it in some very manipulative ways and I want to be sure that you are properly […]