We can't help but be a little pleased when the mainstream media occasionally validates our point of view (truly cheap thrills), and in this case, the BBC has posted a report that aligns well with something we wrote in late April. Our intrepid feedbackers provided some pushback to our conclusions (expressing the point of view that the lazy Greeks were getting what was coming to them) but we were fairly confident that we had some points to make.

It doesn't come as too much of a surprise that the measure to audit the Federal Reserve is coming under continuous fire from the central bank and its cronies. For the first time since the Federal Reserve was created nearly a century ago, they have hired an actual lobbyist to pound the pavement on Capitol Hill. This is a desperate effort to hang on to the privilege of secrecy and lack of accountability they have enjoyed for so long. Last week showed they are getting their money's worth in the

As Americans have witnessed in recent days, there are bills brought before the Congress that attempt to hide their true intent.  Their authors try to conceal the worst elements by making their bills thousands of pages long and full of cryptic and ambi…

OK-Safe Action Alert:  Override Vote Needed May 11th on HB 2569 RFID

The OK House has agreed to vote to override Governor Brad Henry’s veto of HB 2569, the bill prohibiting RFID tags in the OK DL/ID cards.

This vote was originally set for Wednesday, 5/5/10, but has now been moved to Tuesday, 5/11/10.

There is some evidence that the Governor is applying pressure to members of the Democrat caucus not to override his veto on this bill.

We have been predicting along with others in the alternative media that the drumbeat for further consolidation (of the political kind) within the EU would rise steadily as this latest financial crisis unfolded. We have seen signs of it, though few full-blown articles. Now, however, it seems the battle may be beginning in earnest, with twin blasts being fueled by the New York Times and the Economist (see article excerpt above).

Again, the hypnotic clarion call for more centralization is launched. Being as sensitive to these sorts of promotions as a certain kind of princess is to a pea under a stack of mattresses, we notice when rhetoric resembling a promotion is floated. We were startled when we read (we can't remember where) that it was lack of a centralized market that caused the recent trillion-dollar drop in the NYSE's share values last week. But when we read the Reuters article excerpted above there was no doubt

For the country, then, to have developed the pragmatic approach to law and public policy is a tragic contradiction. All of the fundamental ideals and principles that America is known for is rejected by pragmatism and pragmatists. They take them to be myths or, as one major contemporary pragmatist recently emailed me, as pure BS!

The Daily Bell is pleased to present an exclusive interview with Mark Thornton. Thornton is Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He serves as the Book Review Editor of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and as a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Libertarian Studies. He has served as the editor of the Austrian Economics Newsletter and as a member of the graduate faculties of Auburn University and Columbus State University.

A few months ago, I was invited to a taping of a grassroots tv show by Lincoln, Nebraska’s very own Give Me Liberty TV.
I say GML-TV is grassroots because it is a group of local folks who wanted to have an impact on people in some way that was being tried. They opted to put […]

We always have to start these articles off with the requisite nod to the fierce Gods of Ancient (and Modern) Days. So let's get it out of the way. Here goes … Goldman is a horrible, smug, abusive institution with obvious ties to the power elite. It may indeed be the heart of darkness on Wall Street, the instrument through which the elite maneuvers as it plies its mercantalistic trade.

Hardly anyone will dispute that most folks who chime in about ethics consider selfishness wrong. There have been exceptions in history and some of the most prominent ethical philosophers, such as Socrates and Aristotle, can even be said to have been ethical egoists or at least ones who championed the moral virtue of prudence as a vital one for living a good human life. But after some significant changes in how human nature began to be understood, being selfish or self-interested – or even

Greece has gone off the rails, and there are lots of post-mortems being written – especially in the mainstream press – about what went wrong and what could go right. The idea, just as we expected, seems to be that the EU will use this crisis as way of implementing tighter political controls over what were until recently fairly sovereign countries. This Time Magazine article makes just that point, actually.