This Washington Post story is a great example of how the mainstream media goes about supporting a power elite dominant social theme. In this case the fear-based promotion is that there will be another financial meltdown if "reform" isn't enacted. And to put the reform into context, the Post presents an admirably hard-hitting article about what went wrong and what can set it right. The Post then complicates the analysis slightly by explaining that while the problem and solution are simple

In numerous areas of human life treating people in nearly exactly the same way may make sense. Thus, for example, when you go to your dentist, you are probably implored to floss – and so is everyone else who visits dentists. Other doctors, too, will prescribe practices one should adopt, such as eating nutritiously, exercising, getting regular sleep and so forth, which virtually all other patients are also told they will benefit from. Although at this point diversity starts kicking in quite

Ten Rules for Activists to Live By

1. Know what the “prize” is before you start, and never, ever take your eyes of of it.

2. Credibility is everything and it is an all or nothing deal.

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The Daily Bell is pleased to present an exclusive interview with Robert Higgs. Higgs is Senior Fellow in Political Economy for The Independent Institute and Editor of the Institute's quarterly journal The Independent Review. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Johns Hopkins University, and he has taught at the University of Washington, Lafayette College, Seattle University, and the University of Economics, Prague. He has been a visiting scholar at Oxford

Want someone in Washington who actually understands economics? (I know, I know – It’s a pretty crazy concept…)

“Peter Schiff has been a long-time critic of destructive government policies and predicted our current economic crisis. The politicians in Washington are continuing these same failed policies.

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When something has feathers, a bill, waddles, and quacks…you’d think it would be difficult to deny…it’s a duck!

But there’s a lot of denial going around these days, in fact it seems practically epidemic. Despite any and all evidence presented, people do not want to believe what’s staring them right in the face.

What’s being denied primarily is bad ethics, but also, there is denial of questionable associations, and agendas.

The fact that bad ethics don’t seem to bother so many people sure bothers me, so I’ve actually spent a good deal of time thinking about it. I’ve realized that the difficulties we’re experiencing as a country are reflected in recent events within the movement to put a stop to out of control government. So, lacking any other term, I must say, events inside the Tea Party “movement” are reflective of what has been plaguing us as a country.

This article appearing recently at the Huffington Post by James Bacchus, a "former member of Congress," is noteworthy because it musters all the arguments against a Federal Reserve audit and, generally, Fed transparency. While Ron Paul (R-Tex) and others have been calling for an audit of the Fed, various defenders of the Fed's business as usual are mustering any defense they can to retain the "independence" of the said agency.

We blame American oil companies for this most recent oil spill, but not for the predictable reasons. American oil companies, in our opinion, have helped set up a situation where there is a substantial amount of oil production offshore, even though there doesn't need to be. It's been our opinion all along that US oil companies especially, have been funding Green movements in the US and abroad to help ensure that regulatory issues prevent drilling in the lower 48. This forces drilling offshore and

The idea that making a profit is somehow ignoble has ancient roots. Partly it stems from the utterly fallacious notion that when someone wins, someone else must lose. So if you go to the mall and purchase a sweater you really like, you must rip off the store where you do this. It is only after modern economics got going full blast that it became clear that when there is a purchase, both sides win. Or at least they understand themselves as having won. You got the sweater, they got the money, you

Southern Avenger: The Republican War Fetish

SouthernAvenger (Jack Hunter, South Carolina) — April 29, 2010 — Taking the GOP to task on the one issue too many Republicans still consider non-negotiable.

a cautious hat tip to all who have admitted their mistakes during this election season

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