In 1981-2 I was going through basic training and then Military Police School in beautiful Aniston AL (in the middle of summer). I will never forget one guy who really did not want to be there.
Steve was from a very wealthy family. Partially for adventure, partially to annoy his parents he joined […]

You gotta love the liberals.  They pass what they want by hook or crook and they still complain it is not enough.
Within minutes of passing Obama care, the biggest grab of power and wealth by any government ever – liberal congressmen and activists complained that it is not enough.
What can you learn from this?
Well I […]

Last month, I asked for your support of Senator Inhofe’s National Language Act, S.991.  It was the first step in our campaign to make English the official language of the United States.  And today I am asking you to help English First take the next…

Neocon Infiltration – Danger or Opportunity?
I’ve seen a couple of these articles floating around, most feigning surprise that the political class would try to “take over” the tea party movement.  Some observations:
1)      If you define “neo con” as being pro-war or pro-interventionist foreign policy then you need to realize that most Republicans hold those views. […]

Don’t confuse sales with charity
In keeping with this month’s theme on advertising, let’s talk about what fires up your brain.

There is a very interesting new book called Sway – The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior by Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman.   In the chapter “Compensation and Cocaine” there is an interesting clue on why you […]

Please have your Senators contact Senator Joseph Lieberman and demand that he hold hearings on S.991, The National Language Act.Last month, in Massachusetts, the radical wing of the Democratic Party got a serious wake-up call.  A seat that was owned b…

Kirk Shelley: A very good flight

Kirk Shelley shares an interesting tidbit and a little wisdom too: One of Jeffery’s maxims is “People love to buy, but they hate being sold.” I was looking forward to seeing Jeffery do his “pitch.” You would expect a sales trainer would try to start giving a long list of features and benefits of his company – let the prospect (Kelly) know how long he’s been in business, sales volume etc.

Did you know that English is the official and international language of aviation and that all repair manuals are printed only in English?  It shouldn’t be surprising since English is also the international language of business.  But it is even more c…

Last month, I asked for your help in getting cosponsors and building support for Senator Inhofe’s S.991, the National Language Act of 2009, I promised that I would also try to get a matching bill introduced in the House of Representatives.  I explai…