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  Last week, several Oklahoma town halls were held. But a Tahlequah event was cancelled just moments prior to Congressman Mullin’s arrival.  Mullin issued some cryptic language in his press statements about event security, in an attempt to explain his justification for leaving the 2nd District constituents ‘stood up’ at the Sequoyah High School Auditorium.  Many Oklahoma voters assumed that the event venue did not properly ‘sweep’ the building, or that people with…

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Did we blow up a North Korean test missile on Sunday? Last month The New York Times said Trump inherited a cyber-warfare button. Here’s a CNN story reporting how it might work: “There is a very strong belief that the US — through cyber methods — has been successful on several occasions in interrupting these sorts

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Three national media outlets are naming Oklahoma congressman, Jim Bridenstine as a leading candidate for the next head of NASA. And Rep. Jim Bridenstine says he’s still “in the mix” to be the next NASA administrator.The Oklahoma Republican told a Tulsa TV station that he was recently interviewed again by the White House for the job, but doesn’t know when the administration will make a decision on the position.“I don’t know what the […]

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From the ORU Oracle:

[ORU] Adjunct professor and alumus Tim Harris running for congress

“I am announcing a congressional candidate,” said former District Attorney Tim Harris April 2017.

Tulsa County saw Harris serve a record setting record 16 years as district attorney, aiming to fight for the rights for victims of crime.

Recently, Congressman Jim Bridenstine has not endorsed Harris’ campaign, but encouraged him to run. Bridenstine is “self-term limited by his own choice” according to Harris. Bridenstine is also in line to be considered for the director of NASA inside the Trump Administration

  Nik Berg emerged the winner of the straw poll of the membership of the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly, Tuesday night. He surpassed the 60% margin, but fell just one vote short of winning an outright ‘Endorsement’. The bylaws require a 2/3 vote of support.   Tressa Nunley picked up the remaining 39% of the votes.   All four candidates spoke to the group at the March meeting.  Three of them returned a vetting form to the group in ti […]

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Freedom Caucus members have been on the front lines of opposing Obamacare since the day it was proposed. They were instrumental in turning back Republican support of the first draft of the legislation. And in the face of the threats from Congressional leadership, the Freedom Caucus boldly exercised its authority to stand firm and say ‘no’ to bad policy.

I have a confession to make…I bought some eyeglasses online.I’m guessing I may have broken some obscure Oklahoma law, but I really don’t feel all that guilty about what I did.  Oklahoma does not allow any retail sales of prescription eyewear in department stores. It’s been that way since who knows how long. And it’s not the only example of pandering and trade protectionism.  We live in an age of consumer empowerment and more choices than ever before, […]

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