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Trump ended Obama’s war on coal, as promised. Come to think of it, I don’t know why Obama declared the war in the first place. Or why Hillary signed on for it. The natural gas industry went to war against coal for them. Gas is cheap, clean, and – despite President Obama’s efforts – plentiful. So, looks like a rout.

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  Will the newest member of the supreme court become the hero of constitutional restraint and strict construction?​  Will he follow the trend of contemporary practices of adapting the beltway mindset?  Former president, Dwight Eisenhower was once asked if he had any regrets of his 8 years in the white house?  “Yes, two of them… and they’re both still on the supreme court.”   The senate Democrats rescinded their filibuster at the last […]

Trent England – OCPA Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

Gov. Mary Fallin’s administration has drained Oklahoma’s Constitutional Reserve Fund, often called the Rainy Day Fund. Executive branch officials spent all $240 million from the Fund to pay the state’s monthly bills rather than declare a larger or additional revenue shortfall. Whether or not this was good budget policy, was it legal?

Can the executive branch spend money from the Constitutional Reserve Fund at will, so long as they promise to repay those funds before the end of the fiscal year? Here is a look at the law.

Oklahoma’s Constitutional Reserve Fund is established and governed by the Oklahoma Constitution, section 23 of Article 10. The section creates the framework for the state’s budget process and begins as follows:

  Skillful administration is required to ask the uncomfortable questions and institute the reforms necessary to bring long-term success for Oklahoma’s education system.   The real facts now show that Oklahoma spends more money per student for teacher pay in common education than does the ultra liberal state of California.  California has nearly 10 times the students that Oklahoma does. But they gather those students into about 1000 school dis […]

David Holt OKC Mayoral Campaign Tops $142,000 in 1st Month

With the election now ten months away, the campaign to elect David Holt the next Mayor of Oklahoma City announced today that it raised $142,841 in the first month since Holt’s announcement.    The geographically diverse support included donations from 36 different zip codes across the Oklahoma City metro.

The amount of $142,841 is what the campaign had received as of Friday, March 31st.   The end of March was the end of a quarter, meaning that in the coming weeks, as required by state law, the campaign will publicly file a detailed report of its fundraising through March 31st.   Still in its early stages, the campaign has not yet held a fundraising event or distributed a fundraising letter.

Does the cause of those suffering from mental illness who are also impacted by our criminal justice system have adequate public support? Please join us as we explore this topic with a discussion facilitated by David van Rissegham. David has served as President of and is currently on the board of directors of the Tulsa […]

Republican Darin Chambers Enters Special Election for HD-46

Showcasing his success in both business and education, Conservative Republican Darin Chambers announces his candidacy for the House District 46 Special Election.  Chambers is an educator, businessman and Navy veteran who served the country as a Nuclear Submarine Officer.

“My service in the Navy taught me effective leadership requires integrity,” says Darin Chambers.  “Only a leader with a vision that is well communicated which demonstrates principles, expertise and proven value, can gain the trust required to move a team forward.  That’s the type of leadership I plan to bring the Oklahoma legislature.  We have serious problems that will only be solved by serious leaders who have a fiscally proven record.”