The Freedom Watch Staff

“While welcomed by European leaders, the award will have little practical effect on the debt crisis afflicting the single currency zone, which has brought economic instability and social unrest to several states, with rioting in Athens and Madrid. On the streets of the Greek capital, where demonstrators have burned Nazi flags to protest against German demands for austerity, the award was greeted with disbelief. The prize, worth $1.2 million, will be presented in Oslo on December 10. It was not immediately clear who from the EU would be there to collect the check and what it would be spent on.” Continue reading

“Most of the gold produced in the world transits physically through Switzerland. Four of the world’s major refineries of gold are located on Swiss soil. In 2011, over 2,600 metric tons of raw gold were imported into the country, to a total value of SFr96 billion ($103 billion). This was a record, the quantity having more than doubled over the last ten years, not including the gold that transits through Swiss free ports. What keeps the Swiss refineries going at full pace right now is not so much the demand for semi-finished products for jewellery and watchmaking, but the demand for gold bars.” Continue reading

“Greece’s largest company is to move its headquarters to Switzerland and list its shares in London, in a further blow to the struggling eurozone country. Shareholders, most of whom are abroad, will exchange their stock for shares in Coca Cola HBC AG, based in Switzerland. Most investors have already accepted the plan after long complaining about Greek taxes, according to Reuters. The company, in which The Coca-Cola Co of the US has a 23pc stake, bottles drinks in 28 countries from Russia to Nigeria.” Continue reading