Marriage Equality in Oklahoma: What’s All the Hullabaloo About?

GayOklahomaAbstrMarriage Equality in Oklahoma: What’s All The Hullabaloo About? Marriage equality is an issue I can remember being discussed by my parents, even as a young boy in the early 2000′s (sorry to make anyone else out there feel old). … Continue reading →

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Press Release from OKC Term Limits Now!:



legislators whose districts include the City of Oklahoma City have endorsed a
citizen initiative to limit the terms of municipal elected officials.

City resident Bob Dani chairs the group supporting the initiative, OKC Term
Limits Now!  Dani more

The much-hyped bipartisan Ryan-Murray budget “deal” struck late last year increases the national debt $6.4 trillion over the next ten years. It does nothing to change the trajectory of our growing debt at a time when it is among the greatest national security threats facing our nation. The “deal” also increases near term federal spending with a promise of future cuts (dubious) while raising taxes on airline passengers. Worse, it features a cut in pension benefits to current military members and veterans who earned those pensions in measures of blood and sweat. I voted against it. 
Now that it has passed, Congress will vote to appropriate (spend) money under the Ryan-Murray budget “deal.” This $1 trillion omnibus spending package is 1,582 pages of legislative text that was released on Monday night for a vote on Wednesday.
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Statement from Congressman Bridenstine:
Today a federal judge, Terence Kern, in Tulsa, wrongly declared that Oklahoma’s constitutional amendment protecting the institution of marriage violates the federal Constitution.  The amendment to the State constitution was approved by 75% of voters in 2004. 
Under the limited federal powers enumerated in Article I Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution and the 10th Amendment, which recognizes that powers not delegated to the federal government are retained by the states and the people, a federal judge has no place to dictate the terms of marriage in Oklahoma.  The State Constitution overrides a federal judge’s personal opinion.
In his decision Kern called the ban an “exclusion of just one class of Oklahoma citizens from a governmental benefit.”  Marriage is not a “governmental benefit.”  Marriage is the foundational institution in our culture which recognizes the very unique and complimentary contributions men and women make in the raising of children. 
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STOP Sapulpa Rally Jan 13 2014

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