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Today, the House passed HR 3521 – the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Major Medical Facility Lease Authorization Act.   This bill is critical for veterans in the First District.  HR 3521 authorizes funding for 27 major VA facilities, including the proposed 140,000 square foot Tulsa Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC). 
Congressman Jim Bridenstine said:
I am proud to support this critical legislation.  A new outpatient clinic is a top priority for veterans in the First District. As a combat veteran, I know the importance of accessible outpatient clinics that provide high-quality services.  If signed into law, HR 3521 would authorize the proposed Tulsa CBOC, a new facility that would greatly expand the square footage and clinical services offered to veterans by replacing the existing Tulsa Outpatient Clinic and Tulsa Behavioral Medicine Clinic.  HR 3521 is a sound legislative solution that also protects taxpayers against incurring excessive risk.
Congressional authorization of such VA clinic projects is generally routine and not controversial.  In March 2013, however, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) expressed concern that the clinic leases exposed taxpayers to excessive risk and violated House and Senate budget rules.  HR 3521 is a bipartisan compromise that should satisfy CBO’s concerns by creating a new revolving fund to protect taxpayers in cases of contract cancellation.  While passage in the House is good news, the Senate must pass this bill before the President can sign it into law.
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The Weather Forecasting Improvement Act (H.R. 2413), sponsored by Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-Oklahoma), advanced from House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology on Thursday with strong, bi-partisan support.  The legislation makes the protection of lives and property the top priority of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 
Congressman Bridenstine emphasized, “H.R. 2413 makes the protection of lives and property the top priority of NOAA, and follows through on that commitment by prioritizing funding and other resources on severe weather detection and forecasting – while not increasing overall spending.”
While the bill passed out of the Environment Subcommittee in June on a party line vote, a comprehensive amendment developed by Bridenstine, Subcommittee Chairman Chris Stewart (R-Utah) and Ranking Minority Member Suzanne Bonamici (D-Oregon) allowed the bill to be reported out of the full committee with unanimous support.  Most significantly, the amendment further encourages NOAA to utilize private sector resources when implementing its new priority of protecting people and property from severe weather systems.
The centerpiece of this bill is a codification and expansion of NOAA weather research activities, specifically directing the agency to place “priority emphasis on development of more accurate and timely warnings and forecasts of high impact weather events that endanger life and property.” The bill also codifies an existing technology transfer initiative carried out jointly between the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research and the National Weather Service aimed at ensuring “continuous development and transition of the latest scientific and technological advances into NWS operations.”
The bill creates a Tornado Warning Extension Program, the goal of which shall be to “develop and extend accurate tornado forecasts and warnings beyond one hour in order to reduce loss of life, injury, and damage to the economy.” It also requires NOAA to prepare a program plan detailing the research and development activities and the associated budget resources necessary to successfully realize the tornado forecasting improvements.
The bill also directs NOAA to systematically evaluate the combination of observing systems necessary to meet weather forecasting data requirements, and develop a range of options to address potential data gaps.  It further specifies that one component of this planning effort shall include Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs) to quantitatively assess the relative value and benefits of potential observing capabilities and systems.
Finally, the bill clarifies that NOAA is not prohibited from obtaining weather data through contracts with commercial providers, and directs NOAA to prepare a report assessing the range of commercial opportunities for obtaining cost-effective space-based weather observations.
Congressman Bridenstine said, “Millions of Americans, both in government and private industry, have dedicated their careers and lives to the mission of providing their fellow citizens with accurate, timely weather forecasts, and the technology this bill advances will greatly assist their efforts.  In particular, I have seen first-hand the capabilities of phased array radar in the American military, and I am certain that it will help lead America’s weather forecasting efforts towards the goal of having zero preventable deaths occur as a result of a severe weather system like a tornado.
“The passage of this bill out of the Science Committee is a victory for Oklahomans and all Americans who live in tornado-prone areas.  I will be urging the House leadership to bring it to the floor for passage as soon as possible.”

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The Weather Forecasting Improvement Act (H.R. 2413), sponsored by Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-Oklahoma), advanced from House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology on Thursday with strong, bi-partisan support.  The legislation makes the protection of lives and property the top priority of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). more

Speaking in South Carolina this evening, Congressman Jim Bridenstine announced legislation he is sponsoring to reverse damage to U.S. national security and reform entitlement spending while reducing the deficit by $200 billion.  The Oklahoma 1st District Congressman spoke to “The Charleston Meeting,” a nationally recognized gathering of conservative business leaders, journalists, and elected officials. Bridenstine was invited by businessman, best-selling author, and FoxNews contributor Mallory Factor who organized the event.

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The phrase “so help me God” was included in the military oath of service in 1776 and is a deeply-rooted American tradition.  Now the Air Force Academy has removed the phrase “so help me God” from oaths in the Cadet Handbook. 

Congressman Jim Bridenstine spearheaded a letter, signed by 27 other Members of Congress, to the head of the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA).  The letter to USAFA’s Superintendent, Lieutenant General Michelle Johnson, expresses disappointment regarding the academy’s recent decision to remove a poster bearing the oath with the phrase “so help me God” and asks for an explanation of why the Contrails Cadet Handbook omits the phrase from the oaths. 


Congressman Jim Bridenstine Files Bill to Repeal 16th Amendment (Income Tax)

Congressman Jim Bridenstine has introduced a bill (HJ Res 104) in the U.S. House of Representatives to repeal the 16th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which allows the federal government to levy the income tax.

Congressman Bridenstine said, “Viable alternative plans for raising revenue fairly to support constitutionally enumerated functions of the federal government have been proposed.  As long as the 16th Amendment is in place and lobbyists dominate Washington, these alternatives will never be considered.”


Today the House considered a bill titled the “Keep Your Health Plan Act”.  I voted against it.  While this is a well-intentioned messaging bill, this law would place the President’s lie on the shoulders of Congress.  Since insurance companies cannot alter course on a dime, Congress cannot keep this promise any more than the President.

Passing HR 3350 does not make the Affordable Care Act constitutional.  The federal government is compelling individual citizens to buy a product they would not otherwise buy, and that is unconstitutional.  Simply grandfathering plans that were previously available does not make the coercion constitutional.


The Federal Government’s takeover of healthcare is punishing local municipalities across our nation. Congressman Bridenstine applauds Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett’s courageous stand against this destructive law. 
Please read Mayor Bartlett’s July 2013 letter to Kathleen Sebelius:

bridenstine200300Congressman Jim Bridenstine commented following the vote to pass a Continuing Resolution and extend the Debt Ceiling:“I voted ‘No’ on the bill to raise the debt ceiling without any spending controls and fund the government without providing any relief to millions of Americans being harmed by Obamacare.
“The President’s policy of funding all of the government or none of the government violates the principles of a representative republic and is devastating to a nation historically governed by consensus.  Continuing Resolutions are not the way our system is supposed to work.

W.C. ‘Tiny’ Tomsen
The First District Congressional Office is proud to recognize W.C. ‘Tiny’ Tomsen as the October 2013 Veteran in the Spotlight. 
Please learn more about Mr. Tomsen and why he is such a deserving recipient of this award by reading more about his life’s accomplishments below: more