By the Stop Real ID Coalition —
There are many differing views on biblical prophecy, but when an event occurs that is so strikingly similar to biblical prophecy, its similar…

  Despite vote, Houston, Texas hesitates at shutting down camera program worth $17.8 million in annual revenue. Officials in Houston, Texas are in the stage of denial regarding the public vote to ban the use of red light cameras. Despite … C…

Getting It Done: OK Grassroots Beats “The Chippers”

Oklahoma liberty-lovers did not take kindly to the backdoor dealings in their state surrounding the insertion of RFID chips in their drivers’ licenses, especially after having been given assurances by their state government that it would not occur. Working with state legislators and other activists, Kaye Beach of the very popular Axxiom Amuse site “introduced” […]

Will Obama be a Clinton or a Carter?

Both Democrats presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton experienced voter corrections in their second year in office.  But the two reacted differently.   Clinton moderated his policies, worked with a Republican congress and was re-elected.  Jimmy Carter stuck to his guns and was defeated.  So which template will it be for Barack Obama?  Clinton or Carter? […]

We, the People…Have the Keys! Howard Houchen               In early 2010 Barack Obama’s handlers developed an analogy for him to splash about the airwaves and repeat at public appearances (over, and over, and over, and over, and over again).  The analogy was one of Republicans driving a car (the U.S. economy) into a ditch […]