Majorities Don’t Always Know Best

Did you ever seek to persuade your mother to let you do something by telling her that “everyone else is doing it”? Mothers all over the world are prepared for that one! “If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would that make it all right for you to leap off it as well? Clearly, an […]

Oklahoma: R3publicans Endorse Randy Brogdon – The Best of the Best for Governor

Primaries are about selecting the best candidate to represent our party in the general election. This cycle in Oklahoma, the choice for our endorsement for the Governor’s race was crystal clear. There has been consensus among us for months that Randy Brogdon is the man to lead the state ticket in November. It will depend on grassroots people making sure that the best person actually wins this election in order to be able to prevail in November as well. Will Republicans prevail if they fail to select men and women of principle in the primary? Continue reading

I met Nathan Dahm a year ago at the Freedom 21 Conference in Oklahoma City while conducting interviews for A New America. My friend, Sandra Crosnoe, spoke very highly of him. She was hoping at that time that he would run for the U.S. Congressional seat in District 1. Upon meeting Nathan, I found him […]

How would you like to begin a peaceful, legitimate political action which could roll back the last 100 years of government growth and national debt along with the hated federal income tax and the Fed? What if you could force Washington to return to a s…

Prime Minister Ference Gyurcsany, identified by some as "the golden boy" of Hungary's Socialist Party, got himself into serious trouble with many Hungarians for having admitted, in a leaked closed-door party conference speech, that during…

When is a meme not a meme? Maybe when it is true. The power elite creates memes – global warming is an example – that are untrue but nonetheless are intended to generate fear and confusion. It is the construction of this emotion that result…

Howard Houchen – Ready to Work Hard in Congress

As I noted in my most recent post, I believe Oklahoma’s July 27 primary election is worthy of attention and active support from those of us who wish to see our country return to core Constitutional principles. Howard Houchen is running for OK’s U.S. Congressional District 2 seat. Over the last year, I have come […]