Three recent events  necessitated a refresher on the importance of understanding the current educational system operating in the U.S., and specifically in Oklahoma. Those three events were: Following up on an earmark request for a technology company in OK which led to researching  enterprise zones, technology parks, the dept. of commerce, the quality jobs program, and tax incentives […]

Grassroots Republicans Welcome Victories!

Republicans have been presented with a double-edged sword of opportunity with Tuesday’s victories. Republican officials have been presented with a historic mandate to reverse policies and return to basic Constitutional principles. The Republican grassroots have shown their ability to get out the vote, make their voices heard, and effect a sea-change in government.

Although Tuesday may seem at first glance to have been a major victory, the potential exists for voters to sit back trusting the new Republican majority to take up the fight in defense of the Constitution.

You can say, Ron Paul lost the election in 2008 but won the revolution in 2010. What do we learn from tonight’s election?  And what does it mean for 2012? We learn that Barack Obama’s re-election as president is now far more problematic.  Sure, anything can happen.  The whole world can change in 30 days.  […]

EPIC Says TSA’s Program Violates Travelers’ Right

WASHINGTON, DC – On November 1, 2010 the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) filed the opening brief in the case against the controversial full body scanner program administered by the Department of Homeland Security. According to the EPIC f…

Election Results: Who Says Every Vote Does Not Count?

It’s tempting to focus on the historic takeover of the US House by a Republican majority, but we here at GiN march to a different drummer, for the most part at least.  Just as the three most important characteristics of real estate are location, location, location; the three most important characteristics of GiN’s political focus […]

…BUT URGE CONTINUED ACTION FOLLOWING TUESDAY’S ELECTIONS Tuesday began with many people wondering whether it would be a “good night” and exactly how the elections would turn out. The results were generally as expected, with Republicans winning…