To Quote A Visitor: Fortenberry is All Talk (and Hair) on Spending

I’m starting the weekend a little early here – looking for some humor in a situation that isn’t really all that funny… The GiN Joint’s Bartender thinks we may need to get a special dartboard for Nebraska’s First District Representative Jeff Fortenberry; he’s making so many appearances in our “Deserving of Darts” feature. One visitor […]

dis·in·gen·u·ous Adjective /ˌdisinˈjenyo͞oəs Synonyms: adjective: insincere, false, devious, hollow-hearted Not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does This definition of the word “disingenuous” should be accompanied by a direct link to the Motion to Clarify the U.S. Justice Department recently sought from Judge Vinson in the […]

Great news! The Oklahoma Senate passed a bill the other day that would REPEAL the Oklahoma state income tax!

Why is this great news? It means that at least some of our politicians are serious about putting Oklahoma government on a diet. Letting people keep the money they have earned would return about $2.5 billion to the pockets of Oklahomans to better provide for their families and to make growth-promoting investments in the productive sector, elbowing out the pork-barrel spending and corporate welfare that characterizes Oklahoma today.

MegaVote for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District: Recent Congressional Votes

MegaVote for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District: Recent Congressional Votes Senate: Short-term Continuing Resolution House: Short-term Continuing Resolution House: Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act of 2011 Upcoming Congressional Bills Senate: Patent Reform Act of 2011 House: FHA Refinance Program Termination Act House: Emergency Mortgage Relief Program Termination Act Recent Senate Votes Short-term Continuing Resolution – …

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Want Collective Bargaining Reform in Nebraska? It is up to YOU

If you believe collective bargaining reform in Nebraska is important, it’s important to understand that it’s going to be up to the people within the state to keep up the pressure on all of the elected officials. This is particularly true if you recognize how collective bargaining is negatively impacting spending and influencing the outcome […]

Warning.  The following Post is Rated R

Kaye Beach March 8,2011 This post was given an R rating due to its sensitive subject matter. This post may not be suitable for all readers. It contains material that some might consider objectionable. Post has been Rated R for … Continue reading …