Wise Men Still Seek Him and Give Gifts

While pondering the practice of gift giving this year, I realized that the story of the Wise Men and the ‘Gift of the Magi’ is a profound expression of seeking Him earnestly and giving Him your most precious gifts. I realized that not only do Wise Men Seek Him while He may yet be found, but Wise Men offer Him their lives as well as their earthly treasure. The result is unspeakable, unexplainable, profound and mind bending — life changing. I highly recommend that you enjoy the search and the gift.

You thought you were giving up something? Look again at what He gave you. We have eternity to enjoy unraveling the mystery and the awe of it all!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~

  This from the wonderful world of electronic games:  Young Jon Shafer, the genius behind Civilization V has left Sid Meier and Firaxis.  It kinda reminds you of Jeffrey Katzenberg leaving Disney.  Watch out.   Whatever happened, my money says that Shafer has depth and Firaxis has made a big mistake. To give you some background, […]

Lame Duck Session: Earmarks, Tax Cuts & More…Greasy Pork…or Red Herrings?

By Shelli Dawdy During this seemingly endless lame duck session of Congress, there have been several pieces of onerous legislation discussed, debated, and commented on. Recognizing the likelihood of a historical drubbing on Election Day,  Democrats withheld action on key legislation, clearly planning an effort to pass their wish list before losing their current level […]

A Christmas Treat: Impressive Hi-Tech Take on Carols

It’s Christmas week, and we’re overdue in setting the mood. Let’s kick it off with this very cool rendition of carols, all played on Apple iPads and iPhones. If you’re an owner / user of these gadgets, it’s very impressive to see, if not, it’s likely amazing. All of the instruments used were available through […]

Ironic: Wikileaks' Assange Complains About Leaks of HIS Information

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is exemplifying the meaning of the word irony lately. While on the one hand asserting the right to leak information about anything and everything, Assange himself has requested certain information about himself be kept private and, through his attorneys, expressed outrage about…leaks. In a story in The Australian, an Assange attorney was […]

NE Public Employee Pay, Benefits: Even the Journal Star Sees Need for Reform

By Shelli Dawdy GiN is frequently at odds with the Lincoln Journal Star’s editorial board, but for once we agree. Nebraska’s municipalities, counties, and the State simply cannot afford the status quo regarding how public employees’ salaries and benefits are determined. In an editorial published December 16, Lincoln Journal Star cited the recent raises granted […]