What does Obama and the current Serbian Leader have in common? Do Americans believe everything that their government and media tell them?

World » Europer Serbia and the New World Order 31.07.2011 There is no doubt that in the massive wave of popular outrage against NATO’s support for terrorists in Libya, a spontaneous international movement of decent people from all walks of life from the four corners of the Earth, the people of Serbia have opened their […]

Ron Paul has a perfectly logical explanation for why we might have to get used to the idea of an Iran with nuclear power, and he points out, our current policies actually encourage Iran to pursue nukes. We have six wars going now, with numerous opportunities for more on the drawing board. We could go […]

Was THIS man banned from September 11, Mayor Bloomberg?

This has been hard to start to write, because the natural desire to pen words that end up looking like #@%&^! is hard to fight. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in his majesty and infinite wisdom, has decided that people who pray have no place in the 10th Anniversary ceremony honoring the victims of that […]

Tom Horn:  On the Lost Symbol, 2012 in the Occult World, and Freemasonry in DC

Thomas Horn at the Southwest Radio Bristol Conference 2011 hints at the incredible reasons he wrote the best selling book “Apollyon Rising 2012” and what ancient pagan cultures and founding Freemasons in the United States believed and encoded on the Great Seal and the layout of Capitol Center in Washington DC concerning the coming of a Pagan god in 2012. This would not be believable if not for Tom Horn’s credentials and access to scholars in history, theology, and occultism, two-dozen of whom helped him with this book. The power at work behind global affairs and current planetary powers are hurriedly aligning for a New Order from Chaos. Why? Watch this powerful lecture and learn more at http://www.ApollyonRising2012.com

Warren Buffett: Crazy – Like a Fox

In my most recent article, I called for Omaha’s “Oracle”, Warren Buffett, to hush up. As I noted, he seems to be everywhere these days, speaking incessantly on public policy topics. I noted that I hoped in the coming days to explain what I meant by statements I’d made regarding the error of thinking that […]

“He who says that religion and politics don’t mix, understands neither one.”  – Gandhi The race between Congresswoman Michelle Bachman and Governor Rick Perry is coming down to an old fashioned, Christian, church-goin, doctrinal dog fight.  One that favors Bachman in the short run in Iowa and Rick Perry in the long run across the […]

Obama’s plan to drive the final nail in the Coffin of America!!  America you’ve been sucker punched. If there is a next time , you better pay attention!!

Obama Exposed! Whitehouse Insider Reveals Race Wars Planned! Tuesday, August 23, 2011 6:47 share this story 549Share 26 1 inShare America is in serious trouble folks!  Obama is now moving ahead quickly with the plans of the Satanic NWO to finish off America. In the following interview a Whitehouse insider reveals that team Obama is […]