We do not know how this epic struggle will be resolved. But we do know that the EU's recent actions in supporting its Southern flank may now have jeopardized its Northern one as well. Perhaps all will be well, but we've never been especially bullish on this flawed version of Charlemagne's empire – not even after the trillion-dollar bailout announced yesterday. The "market euphoria" following those financial moves took about 24-hours to wear off. Now, we would venture, the EU, or at least the

Updating. . . . 5/11/10 More Norman Oklahoma Tornado Footage Remarkable shot of the Norman tornado 5/10/10 Damage near Lake Thunderbird Choctaw Aftermath AP Reporting CBS NEWS FOOTAGE Footage Norman, OK May 10, 2010 Over the National Weather Center-This was my route home today.  Clouds were spinning all the way home. Funnel forming Norman shots […]

It doesn't come as too much of a surprise that the measure to audit the Federal Reserve is coming under continuous fire from the central bank and its cronies. For the first time since the Federal Reserve was created nearly a century ago, they have hired an actual lobbyist to pound the pavement on Capitol Hill. This is a desperate effort to hang on to the privilege of secrecy and lack of accountability they have enjoyed for so long. Last week showed they are getting their money's worth in the

We can't help but be a little pleased when the mainstream media occasionally validates our point of view (truly cheap thrills), and in this case, the BBC has posted a report that aligns well with something we wrote in late April. Our intrepid feedbackers provided some pushback to our conclusions (expressing the point of view that the lazy Greeks were getting what was coming to them) but we were fairly confident that we had some points to make.

Eurozone leaders are ready to defend the euro with the equivalent of US$1trillion if necessary. The American Fed and other central banks stand ready to help too apparently. There are several conclusions to be reached from this – and the mainstream and alternative media is generously presenting at least seven scenarios (perhaps our readers can provide more?). Below, we use the article excerpt above as a jumping off point to unpack them for you, explain the significance of each and then choose

By ANDREW W. GRIFFIN Oklahoma Watchdog, editor May 10, 2010 OKLAHOMA CITY — Last year, at RipOffReport.com, a concerned citizen in Dallas, Texas wrote a piece saying he was being “raped” by the North Texas Toll Authority over charges he had allegedly accrued during his commute to and from work. It’s an alarming post. Wrote […]

As Americans have witnessed in recent days, there are bills brought before the Congress that attempt to hide their true intent.  Their authors try to conceal the worst elements by making their bills thousands of pages long and full of cryptic and ambi…

OK-Safe Action Alert:  Override Vote Needed May 11th on HB 2569 RFID

The OK House has agreed to vote to override Governor Brad Henry’s veto of HB 2569, the bill prohibiting RFID tags in the OK DL/ID cards.

This vote was originally set for Wednesday, 5/5/10, but has now been moved to Tuesday, 5/11/10.

There is some evidence that the Governor is applying pressure to members of the Democrat caucus not to override his veto on this bill.

New ‘Metamaterial’ Device May Lead to See-Through Cameras and Scanners http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/permalink/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20100506005996&newsLang=en Boston University Team Makes Strides in Detecting and Controlling Terahertz Radiation CLEO/QELS WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Devices that can mimic Superman’s X-ray vision and see through clothing, walls or human flesh are the stuff of comic book fantasy, but a group of scientists at Boston University (BU) […]

Can you Walk on Water? Can you Run on Water? Can you Swim?

Liquid Mountaineering is a new sport which is attempting to achieve what man has tried to do for centuries: walk on water. Or to be more precise: running on water. We are developing the sport from scratch. By accident we found out that with the right water repellent equipment you can run across bodies of water, just like a stone skimming the surface.

Liquid Mountaineering