With the lengthy group of announcements in yesterday’s e-mail, Ifailed the mention the Ada Tea Party which will meet tonight, October26th at the Pontotoc Technology Center, 601 West 33rd in theIndustrial Arts Classroom. The meeting will begin at 6:30…

E Pluribus Unum?  LPS Thinks Not So Much.

Is there such a thing as American culture anymore, or has the push for “multiculturalism” essentially destroyed the values, traditions, beliefs, and experiences we, as Americans, once commonly held? In an October 2, 2010, article in the local paper, Lincoln Public Schools touted its hiring of four “advocates” to represent African-American and Hispanic students within […]

Your Political Guru on Personal Information and Your Consent

In its haste to stem the tide of illegal immigration, the Arizona legislature gave unaccountable bureaucrats the power to turn over:
* Driver’s License Information
* List of concealed carry permit holders
* People with hunting licenses
* Tax records
* Voting registration information
I don’t know about you, but I get offended when someone gives away my personal information without […]

Downsize DC and more:  Delia Lopez Endorsements

Delia is endorsed by Downsize DC http://www.downsizedc.org/candidates/
The NRA Rated Delia Lopez an A on gun rights and her opponent an F http://www.nrapvf.org/upcoming-elections/Oregon.aspx
Gun Owners of America rates Delia an A her opponent an F-…

++ CHARLIE’S PICKS++ AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK’S MEETING++ SO FAR, OKLAHOMA’S BEST POLITICAL AD FOR THE YEAR++ ANNOUNCEMENTS++ CHARLIE’S PICKS I am being bombarded with questions about when the infamous “Charlie’sPicks” will be out. Hopefully it will be sometime Wednesday evening, but probably Thursday.