Andy Stern left SEIU last April, fueling both confusion and gushing accolades from the left, and squinty-eyed “What’s he up to now looks from the right. Well, the dots have now been connected, and by none other than my heroes at Labor Union Crossposting also at Big Government, LUR writes an awesome piece that […]

Sooner Republican Assembly – 2010 Endorsements

Report from Saturday, June 26, 2010 – thanks Jared! The Sooner Republican Assembly (SRA) held its 2010 Endorsing Convention this morning. Twenty-one statewide and local candidates recieved the endorsement of the SRA, which required them to earn 2/3 of the delegates’ votes. Detailed information on the votes is available here. Those winning endorsements are listed […]

We have written previously of Internet censorship and have often pointed out the difficulties of making censorship stick with the current technology. Recently, the Internet has been hit with a spate of articles explaining how censorship is being implemented around the world.

Fellow Michigan Patriots,

Although I believe we need to keep our resources directly engaged in electing Constitutional Conservatives here in Michigan, building a firm foundation in 2010 in which to move forward to 2012, The nomination of Elena Kegan to the United State Supreme Court deserves our attention.

What do […]

“More than 200 years later, we’re still trying to nail down who exactly these men were and what exactly they believed.”

Upon reading this line from Micah Mertes’ article “Whose Side are the Founders On?” in the July 4th edition of the Lincoln Journal Star, I wanted to ask a few questions of my own.  […]

No, I have not been banned by FOX because of Ron Paul

“Thomas Jefferson lives.  He’s Ron Paul.” I’ve been getting a lot of mail asking if I am in trouble over my recent “Thomas Jefferson – Ron Paul” quote on FOX.  One blogger mentioned my recent cancellation on a show.  Here is an update.  Yes, I was cancelled for a taping this week but it surely […]

Whose Side ARE the Founders On? Easy.

By Shelli Dawdy
This is the third and final in a series examining an article in the Lincoln Journal Star on July 4 entitled “Whose side are the Founding Fathers on?” Just click one of the titles to read the first part: “The Founding? Move Along Folks, Nothing to See There. Onward Progress!” or second part: […]