Gloria Allred, the “Media Whore” who shows up whenever there’s a woman involved in anything news-worthy, inserted herself in the California Governor’s race the other day, which was covered by Allahpundit here so I’m spared a recap. Excuse me, but the “Abused Housekeeper” was paid $23/hr to do errands and housekeeping. Anyone saying she’s “abused” […]

Oklahoma: Dan Boren Has District 2 Conservative Steamed

Boren’s vote to adjourn  makes Howard Houchen Blow His Stack! From Howard’s Blog; Mr. Blued-Hog himself, OUR illustrious member of the Ruling Class in Washington, Dan Boren, has done it again – REAL GOOD ONE THIS TIME! In a 210 … C…

Fire Pelosi Bus Oct 7 4:30 to 6

Delia Lopez and Michael Steele and the Fire Pelosi Bus will be at the airport Shilo Inn Thursday Oct 7th 4:30 -6pm! This is the year “We the People” are taking our country back from those that want to run our lives! That is the Tea Party message. We ar…

Democrats, Republicans and Ron Paul

There are Democrats and Republicans and then there is Ron Paul.  His time has come.  The numbers don’t lie. Last night’s NBC Evening News showcased the stunning results of the Hart/McInturff poll of the American electorate.  It was conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal.  It included 1,000 adults but unlike many recent polls, […]