by Doug Wead The world is upside down.  The Democrats have let unemployment compensation expire. For years now the American public has endured the inane and ignorant stereotypes of Hollywood and none bring more howls of laughter than the clichéd, evil, Republican presidential candidate who wants to cut funding to school lunch programs or reduce […]

Social Networking at Midwest Liberty Fest

As I am preparing for the event, I thought that I’d give everyone a little sneak preview of our Social Networking Workshop at the Midwest Liberty Fest this weekend. It will be in Du Quoin Illinois October 9-11 and it should be full of fun and strategic information for the liberty movement too. The complete schedule and speakers and lots of other information is on the #MWLF web site. There will be debates and bands and truly something for everyone – so be there if you can for all or part of it

Are these the changes you can believe in? Once in office, presidents often change their opinion or just “forget” their campaign promises.  And they are notorious for saying falsehoods.  Of course, we all “forget” and misspeak but because presidents do it in living color on the public stage it can be a little more embarrassing.  […]

Did you know that English is the official and international language of aviation and that all repair manuals are printed only in English?  It shouldn’t be surprising since English is also the international language of business.  But it is even more c…

Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process – Training Session October  8th, 2009   Update: OK-SAFE, Inc. has now secured a meeting location in the Oklahoma City area for our monthly OK-SAFE Action Forums.  Action Forums are open to the public and free to attend.    The next OK-SAFE Action Forum will be Thursday, Oc. 8, 2009.  […]

by Doug Wead What country’s individual tax rate tops out at 13%? Hint.  It isn’t the USA where federal and local taxes in New York are projected to reach a 57% bite.  If you are rich? Move to Florida or Nevada to avoid State Income Tax.  If you wanna be rich?  Move to this new […]

The next OK-SAFE Action Forum will be Thursday, October 1st, 2009.   Oklahomans are aware of the growth of big government and have been stirred to action.  They’ve rallied together and protested to make their voices heard in the public square. Some folks are ready to move on to the next step, [getting involved in the OK legislative […]

As the federal government continues its out-of-control spending spree, they continue to put us further in debt to countries like China and Saudia Arabia. The current debt owed by each American citizen stands at over $38,000.00. Not per family or hous…

Heeeeres Jenna! Jenna Bush will debut this Friday, September 18, 2009 as a correspondent on the NBC Today Show.  It will not be the first time a presidential kid crossed over to the Fourth Estate.  Call it “Stockholm syndrome” if you will, but these kids who suffer for years at the hands of the media […]