Property Rights

Federal and State Sovereignty Threat You May Not Know About

A simple search on Google for the term “sustainable development” with the “images” tab selected yields a veritable treasure trove of images, many of which are similar to the one above.  Of course the term “sustainable development” sounds so good – who doesn’t want development that is sustainable? BUT, I don’t know about anyone else, […]

There is tremendous interest about the upcoming November 2, 2010 election in Oklahoma.  In addition to all the state-wide races, there are 11 state questions to be decided.  Some of these questions, like SQ 744 on Education Funding, have gotten a lot of attention and have been discussed in depth by other groups.  (We like to […]

Senator Cory Bernardi (South Australia) on Axxiom for Liberty Radio

10/22 This should be one show you will not want to miss.  Our guest, Senator Cory Bernardi (South Australia), came to my attention almost two years ago by way of a “hometown girl” Please see Axxiom on Radio top tab for links to archives for shows previously aired to listen at your convenience.

A “FUNERAL” to Mark the Death of Property Rights in Australia

           On this weeks “The Road to Liberty with Howard Houchen” show, I interview Debra Medina, former Texas gubernatorial candidate and President of We Texans, about Property Rights and ownership in Texas and the rest of America.  For those of us who pay close attention to this most fundamental aspect of Liberty, we understand that […]