Doug Wead

The American Left saved most of its fire for Betsy DeVos who is the Republican nominee for Secretary of Education. There is a good reason. She is Donald Trump’s most qualified and powerful cabinet nominee and she can transform American education. Which could transform the nation. Finally, the children and parents of this country have […]

“The media is the opposition party.” – Steve Bannon. Today we hear prominent staffers in the Trump White House openly talking about the mainstream media as the true opposition, not the Democrats. And we now see the mainstream media unashamedly producing false narratives – such as a ban on Muslims – to undermine the newly […]

Just a little catch up work for you. Remember when the media declared that Trump’s transition was in disarray? That he was behind other presidents in filling spots for his new administration? It now turns out that Donald Trump is way ahead of any other incoming administration in cabinet and sub cabinet appointments. Here is […]

Donald Trump is now criticized by the mainstream media for appointing too many generals to his cabinet. They say he is blurring the distinction between the political and the military. Of course, they want politicians appointed because the same companies that finance the mainstream media with advertising dollars, and in some cases with corporate subsidy, […]

Okay, sit back down. You’re okay. Breathe. Breathe. You’ll be alright. I said, “impactful,” okay? “Impactful.” It’s not even a Gates approved word, it underlines red in Microsoft Word. Just relax. First, lets take a little tour and see some other impactful presidents-elect so you will get a sense of context. Why Ronald Reagan was […]

A little history will help us understand the President-Elect and his relationship with Boeing. In 2009 Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton went to Moscow to secure a multi-billion-dollar deal for aircraft built by the Boeing Company. In return, Boeing threw in $2 million towards the World Fair, even though the State Department had said it […]

In a hundred years George H.W. Bush will be ranked among America’s greatest presidents. Maybe in the top five, with Washington, Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and, yes, his predecessor, Ronald Reagan. It will be said that Lincoln saved the union but Reagan and Bush saved mankind. Today we worry about what would happen if nuclear […]