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Japan is poisoning America

This is the result of Government,. What ever Government touches, it destroys it. Now thanks to the development of atomic energy , the earth will die. Eye-popper! Japan radiation poisoning America? The nuclear disaster in Japan is finally impacting the United States in some very disturbing ways. You’ll be disgusted by what’s happening to wildlife […]

Constitutional Liberty Coalition Has New Resources to Share and New Information Streams

Constitutional Liberty Coalition is expanding our information streams and creating new ways to share information. Here is a button to link back to our main website on your website. Our contributor sites are featured in the footer on the home page along with their own sharing buttons. We would of course appreciate you linking to us and to our network providers too. Please share IF you are in agreement and find that our work complements yours. We are all for limited constitutional government. We also share a love for life and for liberty as well as a deep desire to please our heavenly Father. We provide news and information from activists on the move. We are all grassroots and an all volunteer network.


Its the CAFR’s Stupid!!!!!

Enabling you to fight the system It is the CAFR’s STUPID!!!! Posted on August 25, 2012by arnierosner CAFR National Exposure – Small ► JavaScript required to play CAFR National Exposure – Small. CAFR Explanation CAFR Hightlights – Small ► JavaScript required to play CAFR Hightlights – Small. Global CAFR Pension Funds – Small […]

The Constitution/Common Law, Home Rule, trumps the Corporate State.

Enjoy!  Americans you are being evicted illegally, out side of the sworn oath and the Constitution!  Its interesting that here is a man, defending the Constitution , he is not a parasite of the corporate  state.  The Commercial court has no authority over the Citizens of the Republic. Click here: Ron Paul was […]