“Rubin’s order shows that board staff were tracking blogs and news articles chronicling Geier’s downfall, mocking him and his son in emails and reveling in their humiliation. When they got a tip that Mark Geier may have still been prescribing medication, they vowed to look into it. Before holding an evidence hearing, board attorney Victoria Pepper drafted the cease-and-desist order.”

“Scientists at Stanford University say that the treatment works ‘startlingly well’ in mice, with nine out of ten animals cured after one injection, and the rest after a second injection. The treatment involves injecting tiny amounts of two drugs directly into a tumour – which triggers an ‘amazing body-wide’ reaction where the immune system attacks cancer cells.”

“At least 13 companies, most recently 7-Eleven, have settled with the Council for Education and Research on Toxics (CERT) after its 2010 lawsuit, and promised to add warnings to served coffee, CNN reports. The suit asks for the warning to say this is a ‘chemical known to cause cancer’ or ‘chemical that causes cancer’ in a label at least 10 inches by 10 inches in the establishment.”

“The online service comes from interesting beginnings, as blogging pioneer Justin Hall registered the bud.com domain in 1994 to host software experiments and to advocate for cannabis legalization. Bud.com will join services such as Eaze and Grass Roots that provide online orders and delivery for recreational adult use.”