Game Wardens Ignoring 4th Amendment

game-wardens-sp  Senator Nathan Dahm has revealed the wholesale disregard of the Oklahoma Game Wardens for Constitutional Rights of privacy. Farmers, ranchers, and other rural citizens are now being subjected to indiscriminate searches, surveys, photographic and video recording, and other forms of disrespect for the agri-business, and rural citizens. They can even let loose their “police dogs” on a farm. Ranchers’ kids can find themselves u […]

r3newaTulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution

Kaye Beach, Oklahoma’s resident expert on biometric ID, will be our guest speaker this month. She will explain what biometric ID is, where it is being used now, and bring us up to speed on the latest efforts of the State to obtain our most personal information and why we should pay attention to this issue. You might be surprised where and how your biometric data is being obtained and used!

“Biometric data, especially facial biometrics, is extremely sensitive information that can be used to accomplish a great deal of surveillance and control over our personal affairs. It is important that we know what it is, who has it and how it is being used.”

Tulsa, OK 74120 – USA

Thursday, August 18 at 6:00 PM

SP autistic baby with mom  There’s an axiom in politics:​ “Whatever you subsidize will magically grow,and justify the existence thereof”.   Even if there was no need for the subsidy to begin with, there will soon be a new lobby group to represent those who are making a career out of the legislation that the state carves out for them. The autism advocacy lobby is pushing for several government interventions, unfunded mandates, and insurance requirements.  The Music Therapy trade groups are push […]

Natural Law as a Restraint Against Tyranny

Video with Judge Andrew P. Napolitano recorded at the Mises Circle in Costa Mesa, California, 8 November 2014. This seminar examined the institutions of a stateless society and explored topics such as private defense, private police, privately produced money, the role of markets, and how stateless legal systems would work. This particular video in the series is about 22 minutes long and has over 47k viewers at time of posting.

Video shows Judge Napolitano at his best on natural rights. He stresses that you cannot take away natural rights with legislation even if you try because they do not come from government at all. He gives an interesting brief history lesson and then apples the concept to where we are today. He ends with a huge challenge to this generation and the next in a powerful prediction. Please take time to watch this. I promise you will be glad you did. Even if you already know these things, it will help you articulate the ideas to others and we all must do that!

See video here on source post via Finding Gems & Sharing Them

Oklahoma Parent’s & Children’s Rights in Vaccines Bill on to Governor

Special thanks to Liza Longoria Greve, Casey Albertson Ohlsson & all who fought for Oklahoma Parent’s & Children’s Rights in Vaccines.

This note via Liza Longoria Greve on facebook:

Passed on its way to Governors desk! (Without Yen’s amendments!) The amendment to take our exemptions was tabled unanimously and the second one regarding VIS being enough was struck down. Thank you Senator Nathan Dahm and Rep. Randy Grau for authoring the first bill of its kind to empower parents with ingredients to help avoid allergic reactions and other balanced information prior to vaccinations. We are blessed to live in such a great state that values parental rights and informed consent!

[Editor’s note: I concur! It is good to have representatives that protect individual liberties. May there be more and an increasing awareness of the importance thereof!/sc]

While most privacy activists have their attention on the FBI-Apple standoff, a number of states are considering important bills to help stop mass surveillance – no matter what the outcome. In Oklahoma last week, the Senate passed a bill that would strictly limit the use of Automated license plate readers and help block a nationwide…