OCPAC Oz graphicThe bigger an operation, and the more resources it demands, the more closely we should supervise it for waste, fraud, and inefficiency. There is no bigger operation in our state than public education. Fortunately, the job is broken down into smaller operating units—school districts—making it easier for taxpayers at the local level to supervise.

Financial reports of revenues and expenditures for each district fund are routinely shared at monthly school board meetings. This legislative session, Sen. Gary Stanislawski (R-Tulsa) and Rep. Chuck Strohm (R-Jenks) proposed that these monthly financial statements be posted online for all to see within seven days after being presented to a local school board. The measure passed the Senate 40-2, but failed in a tie vote in the House 40-40. A Yes vote indicates that your legislator understands the importance of transparency.

Pay attention to the public servant behind the curtain! From the water boy to the head football coach, from the police officer to the governor, watch how they spend your money and manage your affairs. The people have spoken!

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Hillary picked up four bonus Pinocchios for lying to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. More Lying Here’s Hillary: “Director Comey said my answers were truthful, and what I’ve said is consistent with what I have told the American people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails.” And here’s Ron Fournier

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State Appointee General Leo J. Baxter Publicly Ridicules Women and Endorses Candidates for Teacher Caucus


Is it ethical for a public official to endorse other candidates while openly mocking and disdaining their opponents using rhetorical language?

OSDE Board members are reimbursed – using tax dollars – for their mileage and expenses while residing on the Board. Is it appropriate for a seated public official being reimbursed with tax dollars to openly mock women – tax-payers – on a personal basis?

Is it fitting for a public official to call a woman – or group of women – personal names? What about mocking sitting legislators?

Should General Baxter still be sitting on the OSDE Board – and even involved with the standards writing procedure at all – if he sued the state of Oklahoma to stop the repeal of Common Core?

And yes there will be a test, the next time you vote!

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orange and appleQUESTIONS:

Is it ‘fair’ or ‘ethical’ to post information about a person or group to a closed Facebook page where those being discussed are not allowed to defend themselves?

Is a ‘closed’ Facebook page a ‘private’ environment? Is anything truly private on the internet? If so, is it private among 20 thousand members? Can information from inside the group be shared outside the group to influence others?

What does it say about a person who would thank those who post personal attacks about others? Can that person be judged to be impartial?

Is ‘guilt by association’ a rhetorical devise or a logical devise? What about ‘character assassination’?

Should we hope to have representatives in government who are logical and impartial?

And yes there will be a test, the next time you vote!

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chalkboard with appleQUESTIONS:

If the OPE ‘Teacher Caucus’ endorsement list was based primarily on ‘personal recommendations’, what does that say about those candidates listed as Triangles – those opposed to public education?

How easy or hard is it to ascribe a philosophy to a candidate (against public education) when there is no voting record to review or specific criteria upon which this category is based?

If the issue is providing more money for public education, does it matter to which party a candidate belongs to meet those ends?

Is there more to governance of a state than public education?

What happens when elections become distilled down to single issues?

Should political parties have platforms that spell out specific ideals?

Should voters base their selections based on a group of specific ideals via a political party or which single issues mean most to them?

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OPE AdFor several weeks around this year’s primary election here in Oklahoma, the news media filed a number of stories about teachers frustrated by budget cuts, and lack of raises – dubbed ‘The Teacher Caucus’ – who were going to take matters into their own hands and run for political office to make changes in education policy at the state capitol (see blog #2).

So, who or what is the “Teacher Caucus” to which the media is referring?

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Happy Birthday Bastiat

The existence of persons and property preceded the ‘existence of the legislator’ and his function is only to guarantee their safety.

Claude Frédéric Bastiat was Born 30 June 1801 in Bayonne, France and died 24 December 1850 in Rome, Papal States

Read or listen to his “The Law” at

Universal-Flu-Vaccine1OVHC-PAC endorses the following candidates based on the criteria above. (see more on their website):

[Editor’s note:  Pay attention to the color coding and understand that

Green is for Good – Go vote for them;

Red is for Stop – think about it and do NOT vote for them.

I did not understand when I first looked at the list so I simply stress this concept here for all our readers/sc]

PAC Endorsement list on google docs here >>>

Partial listing below for key races – more complete information on google docs link (above).

OKGrassroots — Oklahoma for Vaccine and Health Choice — Red is for STOP and Green is for GO! – Endorsements for Republican Primary 2016

6452314_origUnder layers of paperwork, Trever Brown digs deep to find out who’s trying to buy elections, and What kind of return they expect from the investment.   One of the more powerful ‘Dark Money’ groups spending massive thousands in the primary election is a political action committee called ‘Catalyst Oklahoma’. Investigative journalist, Trevor Brown, has done a fair amount of work to expose the secretive group and who the group […]

PSA: The Armani Jacket is on Sale Now!

I read an article recently about a speech Hillary Clinton gave on income inequality for women in a Giorgio Armani Jacket that cost $12,495. There wasn’t much about the speech there though.

When Hillary Clinton won the New York primary in April, she called for ‘raising wages and reducing inequality’ and building ‘ladders of opportunity’ while sporting a $12,495 Georgio Armani jacket.

It was just one small part of a major wardrobe overhaul that one fashion expert pegged as a six-figure operation, the New York Post reported.

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Calvin Coolidge Prophecy​  Some 90 years ago, President Calvin Coolidge gave a chilling caution about the growing power of federal government. Addressing the College of William and Mary, in Williamsburg, Virginia on May 15, 1926; Coolidge called upon the the alumni and graduates of Thomas Jefferson’s alma matre, for the sake of the republic’s future.​Here is an excerpt of that message.   Each generation has its problems. Th […]