Property Rights

Civil Asset Forfeiture Cartoon

Principled Reforms on Civil Asset Forfeiture:

By David Van –  There has been much debate about the practice of cops and prosecutors taking property from individuals and corporations based on only a notion that the property may have been utilized for committing a crime, or exists as the fruits of the criminal activity.

Five Reforms

  1. We can’t have each county and city running this cash cow using their own unique rules. A statewide set of rules needs to be created and the state needs to hold all law enforcement agencies accountable.

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Oklahoma REAL ID Study —  Kaye Beach’s Testimony

2010-11-15_BiometricsKaye Beach

Nov. 20, 2015

On Nov. 18th there was a public study held at the Oklahoma state capitol on the issue of REAL ID. Oklahoma is under pressure to implement the federal REAL ID Act of 2005.

The meeting was held by Rep. Lewis Moore and Rep. Bob Cleveland. Many Oklahomans expected to follow the meeting online. They were disappointed. I am posting testimony of the speakers so that those who are interested can be informed on the proceedings. … Continue reading

Howard Houchen testifies on REAL ID and says ‘It’s going to get out of your control Oklahoma’

howard-houchen-aKaye Beach Nov 19, 2015 Yesterday Rep. Bob Cleveland and Rep. Lewis Moore held a public meeting making further study on the question of whether Oklahoma should repeal its 2007 prohibition of participating in the federal REAL ID Act of 2005.

The meeting was held in the new House conference room at the capitol which is a large comfortable conference room with modern sound and video equipment which is important as many Oklahomans who are unable to travel long distances or take a day off of work, expected to be able to access this meeting online. Unfortunately, the meeting was not available online….

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Dwyer in New American - America's Last FrontierWord rang out across the Western world that at noon on the 22nd of April, 1889, upon the sound of a shotgun fired by a U.S. cavalryman, anyone with the guts and wherewithal to do so could rush into the Unassigned Lands in the center of present-day Oklahoma and claim their 160-acre spread from two million acres’ worth of government-designated tracts. In a singularly American feat of bravado and imagination, 50,000 people — including nearly a thousand African-Americans — from every state in the Union descended on the area to do just that.

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See also Trail of Tears and Blessings where Mr. Dwyer unfolds the story of “Reneging on its treaties, the U.S. government forced the “Five Civilized Tribes” in the East to move to Indian Territory in Oklahoma, causing death, destruction — and faith in God.”

Tulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution We are pleased to welcome state senator Kyle Loveless, author of SB 838 which, if passed, will reform Oklahoma’s horrid civil asset forfeiture laws. The government’s current legal ability to steal from citizens without…

Fifteen years ago, the U.S. ranked second, behind Hong Kong.

  Overregulation, civil asset forfeiture, eminent domain, and other factors have combined to make the country much less business-friendly, according to Per Bylund of Oklahoma State University. Bylund is the Records-Johnston Professor of Free Enterprise and Asst. Professor in the School of Entrepreneurship at OSU. He tells KRMG’s Russell Mills that he’s blowing the whistle to draw attention to what he sees as major obstacles to economic growth and freedom in the country, but admits there are few easy solutions.

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  After ignoring questions from senators and media, Senate Judiciary Chairman, Anthony Sykes, decided to push forward with plans to hold his committee’s interim study at the rural Tulsa county law enforcement installation. Several law agencies are resisting the reforms called for by Senator Kyle Loveless,who authored a bill this year which would hold law agencies accountable for taking property from people not charged with any crime.