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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Jan. 12, 2018) – A bill introduced in the Tennessee House would prohibit state cooperation with enforcement of federal and international gun control, giving effect to legislation signed into law over the last two years. If passed, the law would help end any such gun control within the state in practice and effect. Rep. Terri…

by Ryan McMaken, Mises Institute The GOP-controlled House of Representatives is set to further federalize gun laws and gun regulations. They’re doing it, though, under the guise of what sounds like a harmless bill designed to guarantee property rights: The House is poised to pass a bill that allows concealed carry permit holders from one state…

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AUGUSTA, Maine (June 19, 2017) – Last week, Maine Gov. Paul LePage signed a bill into law prohibiting any type of state firearms registry. The law will not only protect the privacy of Maine gun owners, it will also hinder the federal government’s ability to develop a firearms database and create a climate less favorable to federal…

[Editor’s Note:  It is a thrill to know that Nathan Dahm will run for this open Congressional seat in 2018!  The first time he ran for the seat in 2010, he was not very well known in the district.  That will not be the case this time, being known as the guy who beat Piers Morgan on his own show!  He is the only announced candidate to my knowledge with an in office voting record and Nathan Dahm’s voting record is sterling.  He is one of the top ranked conservatives by multiple sources for multiple years.  More than that he is loved by the people he represents because he works to protect and defend their rights.  We need to keep this congressional district in good hands.  Go Nathan!  Our prayers are with you Nathan – may His blessings continue to be upon you!/sc]

story via OKGrassroots

What can gun rights supporters learn from immigration sanctuary cities?

TAC memberships help us produce more educational tools like this. Members can download this video and read the full transcript at this link.

It might be a surprise, but quite a lot…


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Top 10 Fears  After 7 years of the progressive (liberal) administration of President Obama, and the abject failure of traditional news media to hold the administration accountable, Americans now fear the corruption of government officials more than any other worldly fear. More than 60% of the 1500 respondents said they fear corrupt government officials more than terrorism. Chapman University Survey of American FearsWilkinson College  The Chapman University Survey of A […]

Top 10 Fears  After 7 years of the progressive (liberal) administration of President Obama, and the abject failure of traditional news media to hold the administration accountable, Americans now fear the corruption of government officials more than any other worldly fear. More than 60% of the 1500 respondents said they fear corrupt government officials more than terrorism. Chapman University Survey of American FearsWilkinson College  The Chapman University Survey of A […]


Oklahoma Second Amendment Association To Present Top Legislative Award to State Senator Joseph Silk at Heritage House Reception in Antlers

(10/19/2016) – Don Spencer, President of Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, will present the Minuteman Legislator of the Year Award to State Senator Joseph Silk (R-Broken Bow) at an event to be held in Silk’s honor. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend the event, which will be at 4pm on Monday, October 24th at Heritage House, located at 610 SW D St in Antlers.

Don Spencer stated, “Senator Joseph Silk is a standout in the State Senate, tirelessly and stalwartly defending our 2nd Amendment rights and private property rights. Senator Silk was the Senate author for HJR1009 to update the state constitution to read to “The right to keep and bear arms …shall not be infringed.” This was OK2A’s premiere bill for the 2015 and 2016 session. He was senate author of multiple pieces of legislation to protect rights, from HB2936 which protects landowners from unjust condemnation to HB2637, the Oklahoma Hunting Freedom Act. State Senator Silk is a leader who has demonstrated strongly his commitment to upholding constitutional freedoms.”

The award is given to the legislator who “aggressively defends the God-given right of the individual to self-preservation and who advances significant legislation to restore the Second Amendment right of the individual to keep and bear arms.” In 2016, that award goes to State Senator Joseph Silk (R-Broken Bow).


Steven McGowen, Candidate for State Representative, Earns Gun Owners of America Endorsement And NRA ‘AQ’ Rating

(Idabel, OK, 10/19/2016) — Steven McGowen, candidate for Oklahoma’s House of Representatives, has earned the endorsement of Gun Owners of America, a national gun rights group committed to defeating restrictive gun legislation and politicians who are working to disarm the population. Gun Owners of America endorses the pro-gun candidate in a race who agrees that the 2nd Amendment truly is a right that ‘shall not be infringed’ – exactly as the Constitution intends. In addition, McGowen was awarded the ‘AQ’ pro-gun rights rating from the NRA.

Steven McGowen is pleased to be chosen to receive the Gun Owners of America endorsement, outperforming the incumbent Democrat legislator, Johnny Tadlock.

McGowen notes, “I’m not just a gun advocate on paper; I understand the inherent right in our U.S. Constitution that the right to Keep and Bear Arms should not be restricted. When I served in the military, I fought to uphold our Constitution. You can depend on me to continue that fight as your Representative in the State Legislature, to make sure that that right, and every right guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, is upheld and protected.”

Steven McGowen, son of Earl and Sue McGowen, was raised in McCurtain County, where his great, great grandfather’s family settled as sharecroppers just after the Civil War. McGowen is a veteran of both the U.S. Army and then service in the National Guard, a former law enforcement officer, and currently a healthcare professional at the local McCurtain County hospital in Idabel. McGowen runs a cow/calf ranch in Garvin with his father.

To learn more about Steven McGowen and his candidacy for State Representative, visit


Oklahoma Second Amendment Association Completes Review of Voting Record,
After Claim by State Representative Johnny Tadlock

A Note from Don Spencer, President of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association:

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association has received multiple requests recently to review the voting record of State Representative Johnny Tadlock (D-Idabel), due to his public proclamation and campaign talking points such as the one Rep. Tadlock published on his facebook page: “Next we can talk about the Second Amendment… there is not another legislator that defends those rights anymore than I do…and my record is clear on that as well…”

The following is detail of our findings:

State Representative Johnny Tadlock (D-Idabel) Gun Voting Record

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association Finding: Upon review the voting record of State Rep. Johnny Tadlock (D-Idabel) in correlation with all other members of the State Legislature, there are 68 members in the State House with higher gun advocacy voting records in the 2016 session than State Representative Tadlock, and 12 of those are democrats.

While Representative Tadlock has an” A-“ voting record with the NRA, there are 9 Oklahoma state legislators with an “A+”; not to mention numerous additional legislators that earned an “A” rating.

State Rep. Johnny Tadlock earned a “C” for his voting record with the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association for the last session.  Both NRA and Oklahoma Second Amendment Association scores are important to consider in determining who is truly a gun advocate. OK2A has an invested state interest because our grades are based on the actions of lawmakers that affect Oklahoman’s ability to exercise our gun rights within our state. The NRA’s home is 1,300 miles away, and it does not generally grade on private property rights related to firearms like OK2A does.

At the request of OK2A, there were 32 bills introduced for 2016 and we have a strong working relationship with the NRA, and often work together to protect and defend Second Amendment rights.  OK2A has a daily presence at the state capitol during session.

This summary is based on voting facts and personal interaction with State Representative Tadlock:

On September 23, 2016, I sent an email to Representative Tadlock containing an OK2A survey for consideration of endorsement that we have all legislators fill out that do not have an established “A” voting record with OK2A or have had a weak voting record that wish to put in writing their desire to protect the Second Amendment and private property rights.

Representative Tadlock did return an email stating his voting record is clear and did not fill out the standard survey. He also stated in the email “Search and seizure laws should apply to any law enforcement agencies.” This statement is from a question in the survey which reads:

“Will you support legislation requiring Game Wardens to follow the same legal procedures for entering private property as all other law enforcement must follow by requiring more than the mere discharge of a firearm before entering private property without permission or a warrant in areas where the discharge of a firearm is a legal act? (Witnessing a violation of game laws and/or regulations, etc., would constitute probable cause and would mean they had more than just the discharge of the firearm.)

The responses available are Yes, No, or I am unsure.

Again, State Representative Tadlock refused to answer the survey and let his voting record speak for him.

State Representative Johnny Tadlock’s voting record is this:

HB2859 by Roberts of the House (At the request of OK2A) was a bill to protect property owners by adding the language to the statue “A game warden shall not enter a private property for the purpose of enforcing wildlife conservation laws, based solely on the discharge of a firearm.

With the growing problem of Game Wardens entering, crossing private property, removing persons from vehicles, taking away their legally carried firearms because the GW claims to hear a gun shot. Persons being harassed for target shooting, predator or varmint and feral hog shooting again on their own private property where the discharge of a firearm is legal. Any other Law Enforcement agency is required to have a warrant or probable cause or the property owner’s permission is required to legally enter.

On February 18, 2016, Representative Tadlock voted against the bill and against OK2A  to protect private property and Second Amendment rights and defeated it. This encouraged Game Wardens to continue this bully effort and ignore a citizens 2nd and 4th Amendment Rights.

SB1142 by Senator Dahm (At the request of OK2A). This bill dealt with feral hogs. The destruction especially to private property because of feral hogs is approaching a billion dollar a year problem. The bill was named the “300 pound rat bill” because it allowed the private property owner to kill feral hogs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without requiring a license, tags and would be able to use night vision equipment. There were 6 amendments added to the bill (None by Tadlock). Representative Tadlock voted against OK2A or did not vote at all on the amendments while he was present at his desk in the House Chamber. I witnessed this from the gallery. After Representative Roberts defeated the six bad amendments that were an attempt to kill or gut the bill, then Representative Tadlock voted for the bill and the bill passed. The bill was vetoed by the Governor.

SB1057  Fry/Calvey (Introduced at the request of OK2A) March 28th, 2016 This was signed into law and goes into effect Nov 1, 2016. The bill decriminalizes handgun carry into certain public areas. Clarifies immunity for municipalities where citizens carry. Clarifies and strengthens the Business Owners rights for employee carry. Clarified public owned venues for professional sporting events. Clarified carry for areas where gambling was allowed. Clarified parking lots. Clarified Event Holder could NOT ban guns on public property.

Representative Tadlock was the only NO vote in Public Safety Committee. Even after extensive discussion and advised it was an OK2A and NRA graded vote.

HJR1009 Introduced at the request of OK2A. The premiere bill on the right to keep and bear arms that would update over a century old language to read,” The right of a citizen to keep and bear arms …shall not be infringed.” It would also require the courts observe the state constitution would be subject to strict scrutiny. In 1929 the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeal ruled that the ownership of a pistol could be outlawed by the state legislature. Representative Tadlock was asked, emailed several times by myself to coauthor the bill. 3 other democrats and over 30 republicans coauthored the bill. He refused

Again, if State Representative Tadlock had truly defended gun and property rights to the degree he stated, he would have received an award from OK2A and been recognized for his accomplishments. 

Tadlock’s record stands in stark contrast to State Senator Joseph Silk (R-Broken Bow), who resides in the same county as State Representative Tadlock. 

Senator Joseph Silk is endorsed by the NRA, earned an A+ by the NRA, and is receiving the Oklahoma Second Association Minuteman Award – the highest award given by our association, for his accomplishments in protecting gun and property rights. The bills stated above had active involvement by Senator Silk in assisting with passage throughout the process. Senator Silk is the example that all of our state legislators should follow, of truly advocating and delivering results in ensuring our 2nd Amendment and property rights are protected in our state, and our nation.

These are the facts about Representative Tadlock’s voting record and desire to protect your Second Amendment and private property rights.

 Don Spencer

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association

I explained to the others in my little band of activists that I looked at all laws that restricted freedom with a view to the impact it would have in a worst case scenario of our government run amok. Will this law make it difficult or impossible to protect innocent life from a government intent on their imprisonment or death? Although I pretty much made everything up on the spot I told them I called this test my “Jews In The Attic Test”.

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – The Jews in the Attic Test (Reprinted with Permission)

Highlighting some of the most important senate races across the state here in this post but you can see all the endorsements from the NRA here >>>.

Oklahoma State Senate District 29 – Julie Daniels (Aq)

Oklahoma State Senate District 33 – Nathan Dahm (A+)

Oklahoma State Senate District 45 – Kyle Loveless (A+)


NRA endorsement for Julie Daniels SD29Continue reading via Finding Gems & Sharing Them – NRA endorsements for key Oklahoma Senate races

OKGOP Moves Back to Phone Booth for Meetings

My headline would be OKGOP moves back to the phone booth for meetings. I would note that attendance continues to decline even though it is a presidential year. Then when discussion moved to issues, the mask really comes off notably on right to bear arms and pro-life facade for party. Many will be moving to Independent status or other parties. Most will stop giving funds to the GOP and giving directly to more trustworthy candidates and grassroots efforts. In fact I think I’ll go write an article on topic now… (see article above)

see article here >>>Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Sandra Crosnoe – OKGOP Moves Back to Phone Booth for Meetings


Gun Grabbers Trying to Eradicate Gun Rights, But They’ve Run into One Major Obstacle 

Right now, we are winning the battle to block any Supreme Court pick put forward by Obama. So continue to contact your Senators and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and urge him to stand their ground. 

Your Activism is Making a Difference!!!

Your activism has made a huge difference in protecting our Second Amendment rights.

When Antonin Scalia died earlier this month, the anti-gun Left immediately saw this as an opportunity to reshape society — and to gut the Second Amendment. 

The New York Times interviewed several academics last week, and they all agreed that if and when Obama’s Supreme Court pick is confirmed, “the pendulum would swing pretty quickly on gun control.” 

Source post

Duane Crumbacher for Senate District 48 near Midwest City Oklahoma –– Get Involved and Make a Difference!

Sometimes you meet people and you know immediately that they are special. Duane is one of those people. At any event, he is the one making sure everything is taken care of and doing whatever is needed to make it all work. I know how he loves and cares for his family by the way he talks about them and by the way he orders his life priorities – at least from my distant perspective. We visited briefly recently about his race and I wanted to do a post for my friends to let them know about his campaign and hopefully so that each of you will figure out some way to help put this wonderful gentleman in office.

See more of this article with pushcards/graphics >>>

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