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Highlighting some of the most important senate races across the state here in this post but you can see all the endorsements from the NRA here >>>.

Oklahoma State Senate District 29 – Julie Daniels (Aq)

Oklahoma State Senate District 33 – Nathan Dahm (A+)

Oklahoma State Senate District 45 – Kyle Loveless (A+)


NRA endorsement for Julie Daniels SD29Continue reading via Finding Gems & Sharing Them – NRA endorsements for key Oklahoma Senate races

OKGOP Moves Back to Phone Booth for Meetings

My headline would be OKGOP moves back to the phone booth for meetings. I would note that attendance continues to decline even though it is a presidential year. Then when discussion moved to issues, the mask really comes off notably on right to bear arms and pro-life facade for party. Many will be moving to Independent status or other parties. Most will stop giving funds to the GOP and giving directly to more trustworthy candidates and grassroots efforts. In fact I think I’ll go write an article on topic now… (see article above)

see article here >>>Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Sandra Crosnoe – OKGOP Moves Back to Phone Booth for Meetings


Gun Grabbers Trying to Eradicate Gun Rights, But They’ve Run into One Major Obstacle 

Right now, we are winning the battle to block any Supreme Court pick put forward by Obama. So continue to contact your Senators and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and urge him to stand their ground. 

Your Activism is Making a Difference!!!

Your activism has made a huge difference in protecting our Second Amendment rights.

When Antonin Scalia died earlier this month, the anti-gun Left immediately saw this as an opportunity to reshape society — and to gut the Second Amendment. 

The New York Times interviewed several academics last week, and they all agreed that if and when Obama’s Supreme Court pick is confirmed, “the pendulum would swing pretty quickly on gun control.” 

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Duane Crumbacher for Senate District 48 near Midwest City Oklahoma –– Get Involved and Make a Difference!

Sometimes you meet people and you know immediately that they are special. Duane is one of those people. At any event, he is the one making sure everything is taken care of and doing whatever is needed to make it all work. I know how he loves and cares for his family by the way he talks about them and by the way he orders his life priorities – at least from my distant perspective. We visited briefly recently about his race and I wanted to do a post for my friends to let them know about his campaign and hopefully so that each of you will figure out some way to help put this wonderful gentleman in office.

See more of this article with pushcards/graphics >>>

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