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Kirk Shelley: A very good flight

Kirk Shelley shares an interesting tidbit and a little wisdom too: One of Jeffery’s maxims is “People love to buy, but they hate being sold.” I was looking forward to seeing Jeffery do his “pitch.” You would expect a sales trainer would try to start giving a long list of features and benefits of his company – let the prospect (Kelly) know how long he’s been in business, sales volume etc.

rEVOLution Money Bomb February 17th

Support your favorite candidates with your time and your treasure. Restore the Republic for future generations! Special thanks to Gigi Bowman and all of our constitutional freedom fighters and liberty lovers.

Clouds Over America Conference in OKC - January 22-23

JANUARY 22ND & 23RD – OKC AREA – Just another reminder about this year’s Clouds Over America Conference to be held on Friday afternoon through Saturday morning on the above mentioned dates. This will possibly be the most important and substantive conference held in the state of Oklahoma this year. I want to urge everyone to make an effort to make it a priority to attend.