“According to reports, millions of viewers across the country are expected to tune in to tonight’s town-hall-style presidential debate at Hofstra University in order to determine which complete and utter sociopath they find more likable this time around. The debate figures to be especially important for undecided voters, 91 percent of whom said in a pre-debate poll that they were still waiting for one sociopath to win them over with the perfect combination of superficial charm, deluded grandeur, and pathological lying.” Continue reading

Vaughnshire Farm Homeschool Moment – Cereal Connection?

Homeschooling provides special moments I like to equate with the “perfect golf shot”. It only takes one moment like this to make you come back for the next round. During our dinner discussion tonight we were discussing the setup of our new solar powered device. I was explaining to the family the difference between serial connections and parallel connections when connecting the solar panels and batteries together. I asked if anyone knew what a serial connection was. more

Bipartisan Agreement — How is that working for you?

Let’s Stop the War on Drugs, Bailouts, SOPA, NAFTA, UN, Bailouts, Foreign Wars, the FDA, Corporate subsidies, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Government run schools, Income taxes, Capital Gains taxes, etc. Let’s protect one another’s individual God-given, unalienable constitutional rights. No compromising my rights or yours. Especially not for a false promise of ‘security’ because it cannot and will not be guaranteed. Now get out there and watch each other’s back and protect each other’s rights!

Charity or Love?  Happy Valentines Day!

I Corinthinans 13 is sometimes known as the Love Chapter. May I suggest you read it with the word charity and then read it with the word love. Ponder which word is more powerful and why. It is worth a conversation with your loved ones and might even change the way we treat one another if we begin to understand what is contained in the concept of sacrificial love. The kind of love that caused our creator to offer Himself on our behalf to restore us and make us ‘whole’. That my friends is true love!

There is one candidate who won’t have those problems. Ron Paul. While everybody else eats leftovers and watches the football game, his people, including the old people who have lost their hard earned savings from the past and the legions of young college students who have lost their futures will be waiting patiently in the snow to cast their vote of protest.