Marketing 101:  We are the Ad Agency

This post was written for Ron Paul and his campaign and discovered on RonPaulForums, but the concept is important for how we convey information on issues and policy matters also. Please take time to ponder the wisdom embedded, the marketing information expertise, and the potentially pertinent information for things you are working on and promoting in your own sphere of influence. Special thanks to Jordan for writing and permitting Constitutional Liberty Coalition to share the great info!

Applying Alternative Energy Innovations to Spending By Politicians

There may be a way to curb and cut the spending by elected officials; make them work for it. James Taranto’s column1 in Wall Street Journal Friday included the following section:   Taranto’s conclusion? “According to, residential power in Denton, where UNT is located, sells for between 8.52 cents and 11.35 cents a kilowatt-hour. […]

Happy Pi Day 2011

Happy Pi Day Everyone (3.14) get it? Here is how some math classes celebrate and don’t miss the pi song — it will hang in your brain for sure! Think I’ll go have a piece of pie now just to celebrate the day.

Warning.  The following Post is Rated R

Kaye Beach March 8,2011 This post was given an R rating due to its sensitive subject matter. This post may not be suitable for all readers. It contains material that some might consider objectionable. Post has been Rated R for … Continue reading …

More Democrats on the Lam! Running From Another Union Bill

Indiana House Democrats have apparently joined their Wisconsin brothers “on the lam.”  They’ve fled their state to avoid voting on several bills their party characterizes as “anti-union”, including a bill that would make Indiana a “right to work” state.  Right to work states do not require employees to join a union when their workplace is […]