John Sullivan Buys Grassroots Support

Since John Sullivan’s bailout vote late in 2008, a riff began between him and the Tulsa Grassroots movement. The first visual example was when John Sullivan, after only 6 months after his bailout vote, was booed and mocked at one of the first Tulsa…

OK State House Consider Procedural Reforms — Let’s Encourage Substantive Change!

House Republicans built on those reforms in 2010 by adding live-streaming of every legislative session, including bookmarking by bill number so the public can view the floor process right from their own computer anywhere in the world. Additionally, this past legislative session in-room video became available in some committee rooms, allowing visitors to better see the process and votes in committee.

Please let your representatives know some specifics of things that you would like to see — three day posting of bill before a vote, indexing online, archiving of sessions online . . .

Electile Dysfunction by Dennis Grover (Nevada)

We just came out of another election, let me explain it one more time!

All one has to do is spend a couple of evenings watching late evening television to realize that we have a brand new menu of medical syndromes and disorders to choose from. “Experts” are telling us they don’t have a clue or pharmaceutical companies are offering a new “miracle” pill to make us all feel good, like we did before our country suffered from Electile Dysfunction.

The Clarity of NO and the Power of Abstaining

Election 2010 is upon us and I want to talk to you about a matter that has been weighing on my heart for a while. For many years I have been involved in civic action, Republican party politics, conservative issues, and legislative grassroots activism. So I come to you with a bit of experience in the fray.

No Way Could I Support Republicans

At times I have the impression that maybe there are practicing political allies out there somewhere, ones who are involved with current affairs, and at times it looks like these would be Republicans and especially conservative ones. That's because …

Charity Without Government: Clinic With A Heart

A GiN Toast goes to the Clinic With A Heart featured in the September 7 edition of the Lincoln Journal Star. The seven year old project shows how private citizens, churches, and businesses working together can provide for the needy within their community – without government support. We applaud the very hard work over the […]

Sen. Jim DeMint; “What good are numbers without principles?”

Senator Jim DeMint was on Mark Levin’s radio show today, (okay I distinctly heard swords unsheathed at the mention of Levin’s name) and he was asked about Charles Krauthammer seeming to be upset with DeMint and Palin for their endorsement of Christine O’Donnell. What DeMint had to say is priceless, and I nearly pulled over […]