Four grueling years ago,  the Wall Street-funded  2-Party duopoly imposed a horrible choice upon the American people:

The moderate Mitt ROMNEY,  Vulture Capitalist,  vs.  Barry Soetoro-Obama,  the flashy subversive Socialist, a closet Muslim (and who knows what else).

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chalkboard with appleQUESTIONS:

If the OPE ‘Teacher Caucus’ endorsement list was based primarily on ‘personal recommendations’, what does that say about those candidates listed as Triangles – those opposed to public education?

How easy or hard is it to ascribe a philosophy to a candidate (against public education) when there is no voting record to review or specific criteria upon which this category is based?

If the issue is providing more money for public education, does it matter to which party a candidate belongs to meet those ends?

Is there more to governance of a state than public education?

What happens when elections become distilled down to single issues?

Should political parties have platforms that spell out specific ideals?

Should voters base their selections based on a group of specific ideals via a political party or which single issues mean most to them?

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OPE AdFor several weeks around this year’s primary election here in Oklahoma, the news media filed a number of stories about teachers frustrated by budget cuts, and lack of raises – dubbed ‘The Teacher Caucus’ – who were going to take matters into their own hands and run for political office to make changes in education policy at the state capitol (see blog #2).

So, who or what is the “Teacher Caucus” to which the media is referring?

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Are Oklahoma’s “Education Caucus” Victories as Large as Reported?

This is the second article in our feature series on OKGrassroots:

#2 Are Oklahoma’s “Education Caucus” Victories as Large as Reported?

Numerous Oklahoma media vaunted the large numbers of educators running for public office in the 2016 primary elections. An equally large number of Oklahoma media touted the results of these elections using a wide variety of calculations to identify their successes.

My son was gaming online with a number of what I call his “virtual friends” shortly after it was announced that Britons had voted to leave the European Union (EU).  Unbeknowst to my son, many of the players in his RP were British.  Upon learning of the outcome of the election, the gamers began to […]

Celebrating British Independence Day #Brexit

Celebrating British Independence Day! #Brexit Out of the box… and into the world!

A night to remember, a great people have once again chosen independence and reclaimed their sovereignty! #Brexit @SergioGor

Nigel Farage, “Dare to dream that the dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom” #EURefResults @SkyNews

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Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Celebrating British Independence Day #Brexit