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I keep trying to figure out how to share with my friends the wonder of essential oils.  OK, I’ve always loved perfumes and fragrances, but I never understood how interconnected the senses are and how powerful the stimulation of pure essential oils could be.  I have used them to enhance breathing, relax, treat warts, reduce blood pressure, for serenity, and for mood elevation.

Take a look at these selected magazine pages, ponder how these oils might enrich your life.   Let me know if I can set you up as a distributor.  Here are some selected pages from my most recent doTERRA Living Magazine.

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Pastor Rod MacIlvane Prays for the Nation from the House Floor

I am so glad for this opportunity for Rod MacIlvane to share the Lord in DC and pray for the nation from the House floor #R3s #twurch #4liberty no king but Jesus! (my recent tweet to share this video)

Rod MacIlvane praying from house floor 2013

Rod’s note on facebook:  Today I had the incredible privilege of opening the U.S. House of Representatives in prayer. My huge thanks to Rep. Jim Bridenstine (who is doing a fabulous job) and Joe and Sheryl Kaufman to enable Jim to do what he does so well.

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OK-SAFE, Inc. – For those fighting the installation of those smart meters on their homes and businesses: Take Back Your Power. There will be a special movie showing at 6:30 pm this Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013 at the Owasso Community Center, 301 S. Cedar, Owasso, OK, 74055. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— About Take Back Your Power: Utility companies […]more

State Chamber Reveals Education Mission – Corporate interests over State

OK-SAFE, Inc. – The following post from The McCarville Report is reminiscent of OK-SAFE’s report on the state Chamber of Commerce’s objectives regarding the OK Legislature.  (See OK-SAFE post entitled State Chamber Admits Running Campaigns – Thinks Tax Cuts Don’t Matter. )   TMR Exclusive: Document Reveals State Chamber’s Education Mission, Angers Some The McCarville Report […]more