Health Care

Senator Campbell:  DON’T GO AWAY MAD.  JUST GO AWAY.

The article about Medicaid coverage for prenatal care in Nebraska that was published in the Sunday, July 24th, Lincoln Journal Star is so full of bias, unsupported conclusions, and half-baked analysis it’s difficult to know where to begin to respond.  I’m going to take a stab at it anyway over the next few days.  But […]

OK Exchange Language Found!  SB 971 Establishes an Insurance “Network”

Dropping the term “exchange” in favor of “network” and adding “private enterprise” to the title is apparently aimed at providing assurance to Oklahomans that this OK Republican administration is serious about not implementing a Health Insurance Exchange in Oklahoma. Here is the language found in the newly introduced SB 971, the replacement for the controversial […]

The State of Nebraska Has YOUR Medical Records: Next Up…the Feds

As I work on completing publication of the series of articles on the subject of nullification, it’s important that we move back towards dealing with the health care issue. I’m starting with a subject no one is talking about when they talk about “stopping Obamacare”…medical records technology, and how the government is commandeering those medical […]

Parsons’ Opinion on Obamacare Exchanges

Last week, Mary Fallin attempted to answer the critics to her using the $54 million Healthcare Grant to implement healthcare exchanges. These are my response to the same questions…. What is a health insurance exchange? Not mentioned nearly enough in The Patient Protection and Affordable care Act (PPACA) debate have been these insurance exchanges.

The measures included a state party rule change to be proposed at next month’s state convention requiring censure hearings for Republican officeholders who do not adhere to “core principles” that include the unconstitutionality of all gun regulations and the belief that life is the result of “an act between a man and a woman,” and begins at the moment of fertilization.

The proposed rule also would require elected Republicans to work for “drastic” reductions in taxes and mandatory fees.

“This could be big,” said delegate Molly McKay, who later in the convention was elected county vice chairman without opposition. “This could be the biggest thing since we repealed slavery.”