“Politicians in the winning country are often not around when taxpayers foot the bill more than half a decade later. The Olympics exhibit many qualities which are endorsed by free-market capitalism, actively promoting individualism, international cooperation, and excellence through competition. Why, then, do we continue the tradition of outlandish public spending on them?”

“Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte last week told soldiers to shoot female rebels in their genitals, the latest in a series of violent, misogynistic remarks. Since he came to power on a promise to kill all the country’s drug users and dealers, thousands of Filipinos have been shot dead, prompting the international criminal court to open a preliminary examination.”

“This final exit scan had a different feel. It was not about the airline. It was not about stopping terrorism and other mischief. It is purely about the possibility that the right of a person to exit could be denied for any reason the government happens to dream up.”

“A woman at the coroner’s office said — apparently incorrectly — that identification had been made through fingerprints. Another family member who talked to the coroner’s office said a woman told her Kerrigan also had been found with his identification, according to the lawsuit. Last May, Kerrigan’s family buried a man. Eleven days later, Kerrigan turned up at a family friend’s house. The friend called Kerrigan’s family to tell them he was alive. The man the Kerrigan family had buried turned out to be a Kansas native named John Dickens, who had to be exhumed before he was cremated and sent to his mother in Kansas.”

“Mr Jamal, a 55-year-old Bangladeshi-born chemistry professor, was arrested on his front lawn nearly two weeks ago by immigration officials as he stepped out to drop his daughter to school in Lawrence, Kansas. His wife and other two children rushed out but even before they could say goodbye, he was led away in handcuffs. He has been moved from a detention centre in Missouri to a facility near El Paso, Texas, close to the border. All three of Mr Jamal’s children – seven, 12 and 14 – are US citizens and his wife has a medical condition that limits her mobility, making him the sole provider for the family.”

“Contesting the cases can cause a defendant to rack up tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars of legal bills — forcing those without means to capitulate early in the legal process. Once someone is convicted and stripped of their citizenship in civil proceedings, they revert back to their original status, usually a permanent resident. Then, depending on the circumstances, the individual is deportable.”

“The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 permanently erases those spending limits, while authorizing far more spending than would ever have been considered while the Tea Party movement held sufficient political influence to stop it. As a result, the U.S. government’s budget deficits for 2018 and 2019 appear set to grow the levels that the Congressional Budget Office had projected for its more realistic alternative fiscal scenario following President Obama’s spending proposals back in 2010.”

“Lyn Ulbricht is Ross Ulbricht’s mother. Ross was the creator of the Silk Road website, which had a very important role in the history of bitcoin. Currently, Ross is serving a double life sentence without parole for all non-violent charges. Lyn has worked to bring awareness to the case and raise funds for Ross’s defense through She has had many media interviews and public appearances and has helped bring awareness to the public of the case and Ross’s appeals. Her efforts have shined light into the darkness of the justice system, proving it to be a darker place than anywhere found on the dark web.”