The Covenant is an everlasting Covenant. God gave the promised land to Jacob for Israel. (Gen 35) Covenant goes through Jacob and his descendants. None of the promised land belong to the Arabs or Palestinians.

Tribulation Period outlined.

Remember the Sabbath Keep his commandments. It is an instruction with a blessing for the sabbath year. (Lev 26) Triple crop in 6th year for 7th year!

David Reagan opened with a look at his church sign collection through the years – unbelievable and funny too! This session was on “End Time Prophecies of Jesus primarily from Matthew 24 but also Matthew 11: 20-23 and three cities gone today (Capernaum, Bethsaida, and Chorazin)


1) the sign of cults (false Christs and false prophets)

wolves in sheeps clothing gnostics and Judiasers

2) the sign of world politics (wars and rumors of wars)

violence between nations and within nations

3) natural disasters (famines and earthquakes and famines and plagues and signs from heaven – roaring of the sea or tsunamis)

THESE THINGS ARE THE BEGINNINGS OF BIRTH PANGS — increase in frequency and intensity

Tulsa Beacon article on Biblical scholars headlining Mid-America Prophecy Conference in Tulsa

Political unrest in the Middle East, economic turmoil in the United States and devastating natural disasters all over the world, experts on biblical prophecy will gather in Tulsa this week to try to shed some light on what could be the near future. The three-day Mid-America Bible Conference opens at 9 a.m. April 28 at the Marriott Southern Hills (1902 E. 71st St.). Conference organizer and author Phillip Goodman of Tulsa said the event features some of the most learned and trusted teachers concerning Bible prophecy in America.

The measures included a state party rule change to be proposed at next month’s state convention requiring censure hearings for Republican officeholders who do not adhere to “core principles” that include the unconstitutionality of all gun regulations and the belief that life is the result of “an act between a man and a woman,” and begins at the moment of fertilization.

The proposed rule also would require elected Republicans to work for “drastic” reductions in taxes and mandatory fees.

“This could be big,” said delegate Molly McKay, who later in the convention was elected county vice chairman without opposition. “This could be the biggest thing since we repealed slavery.”

Tulsa World: GOP rips Fallin over health-care bill

Source article Tulsa World March 24, 2011 (to read complete article and comments) OKLAHOMA By WAYNE GREENE World Senior Writer Published: 3/24/2011  2:28 AM Last Modified: 3/24/2011  8:01 AM Gov. Mary Fallin: “Without an Oklahoma exchange, the state is virtually guaranteed to be subject to a federally run, Washington D.C. substitute.” Gov. Mary Fallin is being criticized […]