Tulsa World: GOP rips Fallin over health-care bill

Source article Tulsa World March 24, 2011 (to read complete article and comments) OKLAHOMA By WAYNE GREENE World Senior Writer Published: 3/24/2011  2:28 AM Last Modified: 3/24/2011  8:01 AM Gov. Mary Fallin: “Without an Oklahoma exchange, the state is virtually guaranteed to be subject to a federally run, Washington D.C. substitute.” Gov. Mary Fallin is being criticized […]

By John W. Whitehead 2/14/2011 ________________________________________- The minute the FBI begins making recommendations on what should be done with its information, it becomes a Gestapo.–J. Edgar Hoover The history of the FBI is the history of …

On the Pat Campbell show January 5, 2011 Republican Tulsa Mayor, Dewy Bartlett explained his position on why he believes Tulsa and Oklahoma both need a “Closing Fund.”Mayor Bartlett explains, “One of the things that would help us tremendously …

Thanksgiving Day: Presidential Proclamations Past

Grassroots in Nebraska wishes you and yours a blessed and meaningful Thanksgiving holiday. As we all reflect upon the meaning of Thanksgiving, we thought we’d share the first Thanksgiving Proclamations. First Thanksgiving proclamation, 1777 FOR AS MUCH as it is the indispensable Duty of all Men to adore the superintending Providence of Almighty God; to […]

Got a Leader for You!

Seems as if Americans today are constantly complaining about the lack of leadership — someone to lead us out of the political and moral mess in which we now find ourselves. No doubt about it, there’s a batch of political figures clamoring and posturing for the job, but as yet — no one stands out above the rest.

May I make a suggestion? Why not use the criteria our forefathers used to pick their top leader. In fact, one like that may still be available.

Well now you ask — who might that be?

Fur Flying Over Journal Star Column on Progressivism By Shelli

By Shelli Dawdy The publishing of my editorial in the Lincoln Journal Star on Wednesday and resulting comments on the paper’s website is a good time to recall other GiN members’ articles and urge GiN members and site visitors to engage in the debate. At the beginning of October, the Lincoln Journal Star published three […]