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Tulsa World: GOP rips Fallin over health-care bill

Source article Tulsa World March 24, 2011 (to read complete article and comments) OKLAHOMA By WAYNE GREENE World Senior Writer Published: 3/24/2011  2:28 AM Last Modified: 3/24/2011  8:01 AM Gov. Mary Fallin: “Without an Oklahoma exchange, the state is virtually guaranteed to be subject to a federally run, Washington D.C. substitute.” Gov. Mary Fallin is being criticized […]

Nullification: Are States Sitting Ducks or Willing Accomplices?

This is Part 5 in an ongoing series about the concept of nullification by states; the idea that individual states can declare a federal law or regulation unconstitutional, and therefore, refuse to implement it. See FOOTNOTE section for links to Parts 1 – 4 and additional supporting information.1 (See the far right sidebar for making […]

Nullification NOT the Answer for Health Care (or anything else)

This is the first installment in a series about nullification. On March 21, 2010 – I stood on an improvised stage (the back of a pickup truck) located between the State Capitol and the Governor’s mansion at GiN’s flash rally “Kill or Nullify the Bill!”. Throughout the preceding two week period, it had become clear […]

dis·in·gen·u·ous Adjective /ˌdisinˈjenyo͞oəs Synonyms: adjective: insincere, false, devious, hollow-hearted Not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does This definition of the word “disingenuous” should be accompanied by a direct link to the Motion to Clarify the U.S. Justice Department recently sought from Judge Vinson in the […]

Warning.  The following Post is Rated R

Kaye Beach March 8,2011 This post was given an R rating due to its sensitive subject matter. This post may not be suitable for all readers. It contains material that some might consider objectionable. Post has been Rated R for … Continue reading …

On Friday, Feburary 25, 2011 OK Governor Mary Fallin issued a press release announcing ”Oklahoma Will Accept $54 M “Early Innovator Grant” to Support Oklahoma-Based Health Insurance Exchange.” Noticably missing from the announcement is the fact that the “Early Innovators” grants are to fund implementation of the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure needed to operate Health Insurance Exchanges, a cornerstone of […]