THE APPROPRIATIONS CHAIRMAN FAILS TO FOLLOW THE OKLAHOMA STATE CONSTITUTIONThe WatchmanWe as citizens of the State of Oklahoma must ask ourselves if we are doing enough to protect ourselves from the vultures the fly around the halls of the State C…

AUGUSTA, Maine (June 19, 2017) – Last week, Maine Gov. Paul LePage signed a bill into law prohibiting any type of state firearms registry. The law will not only protect the privacy of Maine gun owners, it will also hinder the federal government’s ability to develop a firearms database and create a climate less favorable to federal…

CONCORD, N.H. (June 19, 2017) – The New Hampshire Senate killed a bill that would have restricted warrantless and weaponized use of drones by law enforcement. The legislation would not only have establish important privacy protections at the state level, it would have also help thwart the federal surveillance state. Rep. Neil Kurk, Rep. Robert…

 National news sources are confirming that several Freedom Caucus members were being hunted down by the shooter of Congressman Scalise and other Republicans in congress. list of Republican lawmakers’ namesPublished June 16, 2017 Fox News James Hodgkinson had an assassination list in his pocket when he shot Republican congressmen on Wednesday, a new report says.James Hodgkinson had an assassination list in his pocket when he shot Republican congressmen on…

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The Unsuccessful Tax Increase Attempts

Over the course of the past several months I have written about an array of tax increases attempted by the legislature. As this year’s legislative session has been brought to an end, I thought it a good idea to describe the tax increase attempts that…

June 15, 2017


Kurt Nimmo

The so-called liberty movement is dead.

Well, not dead, but on life support. There are still hundreds of websites covering issues that matter while the faux liberty movement is busy doing battle with their ideological polar opposite—the alt-left, for lack of a better name.


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​  The Tulsa Area Republican Assembly June meeting will feature the co-chairmen of the Legislative Platform Caucus. Rep. Chuck Strohm & Rep. Sean Roberts will be the featured speakers at the Tuesday night meeting, in South Tulsa. This last Spring, several legislators made a pledge to uphold the Republican Platform in their roles as state legislators.  While the group is not yet formally registered as a minority caucus, there has been an outpo […]

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Whadda do you mean I suck at this job?ETHICS AND LEADERSHIP ABSENT ATTHE HOUSE OF REPRESENTITIVES THIS SESSIONBy the WatchmanWe are living through perhaps the worst time in the history of the State of Oklahoma. At a time when the leadership of the Hous…

How ungrateful!

Free West Media
Thu, Jun 15, 2017

After everything Russia did!

Ordinary Americans are not buying the “Russian meddling” nonsense, with 57 percent agreeing that “the media has prematurely declared President Trump and his allies guilty of collusion with Russia” despite a lack of evidence. Only 39 percent disagreed.


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