JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (Dec. 8, 2017)  A bill prefiled in the Missouri House would replace marriage licenses in the state with “contracts of domestic union,” effectively nullifying in practice both major sides of the contentious national debate over government-sanctioned marriage. Rep. T.J. Berry prefiled House Bill 1434 (HB1434) this month. The legislation would amend current marriage-related…

“Instead of applying a little bit of courage and walking into the cell with the two other officers to restrain a mentally ill man, the deputies sent in their dog to draw blood. Predictably, the sheriff’s department investigated themselves and not only did they find they did nothing wrong, but, according to Dickerson, it went exactly as it should have.”

“After lulling the public into believing that using drones in the U.S. would be confined to border patrol or for counter-terrorism in the event of an imminent threat, we are beginning to see police calling for far wider implementation of drone surveillance. I’d like to remind readers that up until 2010 it was a conspiracy theory to suggest that drones would be used in the U.S. at all. Until, of course, it came out that there had been a domestic drone program in the works for years. Subsequently, it became understood that the ‘border’ actually extends 100 miles inland through an area that the ACLU dubbed the ‘Constitution-free Zone.'”

So once again, Jeff Sessions has proven that he’s no friend to the Constitution. Earlier today, ABC news released a video exchange obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. In it, a DOJ intern asked him why he’s supposedly so lax on gun control laws, but still wanted to aggressively enforce marijuana prohitibion. In…

“I’m left to conclude that they have no appreciation for how socialism actually works in the real world. The economic track record of socialism is as dismal as its human rights record. But we need not direct Millennials to history books to see it. They need only look at what has happened to former socialist countries during their own lifetimes, as these countries have moved away from socialism and towards capitalism.”

“Revenues generated through forfeiture may be spent with virtually no oversight. Funds distributed to local or state agencies via the equitable sharing program are similarly beyond the reach of state or local lawmakers. Perhaps this lack of accountability explains how funds supposedly reserved for ‘law enforcement purposes’ wind up getting spent on margarita machines, training trips to Hawaii, and chrome accents for Harley Davidson motorcycles.”

“Tighter blood pressure guidelines from U.S. heart organizations mean millions more people need to make lifestyle changes, or start taking medication, in order to avoid cardiovascular problems. At the new cutoff, around 46 percent, or more than 103 million, of American adults are considered to have high blood pressure, compared with an estimated 72 million under the previous guidelines in place since 2003. Potentially deadly high blood pressure can be brought under control with a wide array of medications.”

“Kratom has no psychoactive effects and no physical dependency – it’s just a harmless plant. Despite being an overwhelmingly better alternative to opioids, the DEA, FDA, and CDC continue to propagate kratom as dangerous. They’re wrong.”