Gun Owners of America

GOA: So, Harry, why the long face?

Oh . . . now we understand. New polling results show Democrat leader of the U.S. Senate Harry Reid is at least 3 points down to challenger Sharron Angle.

And when you’re the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate, it’s very hard to handle the fact you may LOSE your Senate seat on November 2nd. But that’s where Harry Reid finds himself.

Over fifty Democrats in Congress—so-called Blue Dogs—claim to be pro-gun, but can any member who votes to retain Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House really be considered a defender of the Second Amendment?

GOA: Huge Win in Delaware!

Christine O’Donnell Adds to String of GOA Victories —
Gun Owners of America-backed candidate Christine O’Donnell completed a dramatic come-from-behind victory in Tuesday’s Delaware Senate primary.
O’Donnell was up against a member of Congress who …