Grassroots in Nebraska

Transcending the Typical Trans-Canada Talking Points

Looks like the route comes through Oklahoma. Heads up everyone! This report is from Nebraska: Very many eyes and ears seem to be focused on the TransCanada pipeline issue at present and that’s understandable considering there is a U.S. State Department Hearing today in Lincoln. Clearly there are many interested Nebraskans if the hearing is to be convened at the Pershing Center. Recently, Shelli spoke with someone who stated that… more

Governor Heineman Really Liked Purple People Before They Were “Cool”

Editor’s Note: This article is the fifth in a series of articles discussing Nebraska politics particularly the NEGOP, its leadership, elected officeholders, candidates, campaigns and closely-connected interest groups as they all relate to “the Tea Party Movement”. We recommend starting with “Nebraska’s Ruling Class and the Perils of (Assisted) Political Suicide“, which includes links to… more

Not Just Sunshine Patriots

There will be additional follow-up coming regarding our Tax Day Tea Party, but here’s a start…

Cut Taxes Crreate JobsOn December 22, we had what has been dubbed the “Ice Tea Party” in <10 degree weather in freezing rain, after Senator Ben Nelson “iced” the Cornhusker Kickback with Reid and Schumer, paving the way to the passage of the health care law. We thought that was our biggest challenge in terms of forces of nature.

Thursday, April 15’s forecast didn’t look promising; there was a 60% chance of scattered showers.

Within minutes of starting our program, the drops began to fall from the sky. Then it started to pour. Only a handful of the hundreds left.

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