Earl Blumenauer was asked by a young man about his actions and aspects of his financial support and voting record.
August 28, 2010. Earl Blumenauer refuses to answer simple questions about his record and literally runs from the young constituent becaus…

The Obama Administration recently submitted a report on the United States to the United Nation’s Human Rights Council for the “Universal Periodic Review”. Does the President have the authority to subject the United States to review of an outside entity? Is the President undermining our sovereignty?

Funny how spending a generation of not teaching what America is about will produce a generation that…has no real idea what America is all about. In addition to teaching the basics of American history in schools, the heritage of the country was once considered proper subject matter for TV, even in prime time.

The City of Lincoln, Nebraska is in debt and recently took on an arena project that will cost much more than the $300 million+ projected. Mayor Chris Beutler and the City Council, despite these facts, have painted themselves into corners and are hard pressed to resist demands for all services to remain in place.

Via YID With LID; After making a bid for hundreds of millions of dollars in federal education reform money, New Jersey fell three points short of receiving “Race to the Top” funding. The reason for falling shored was an error in one page the Christie administration’s almost 2,000 page application. A question on the application […]

Big Suprise! Federal stimulus funds will offset the loss of revenue expected to be generated by a proposed 1 percent fee on health care claims, Oklahoma officials said. BY JULIE BISBEE and MICHAEL MCNUTT Oklahoman Published: August 25, 2010 Additional …

Grassroots in Nebraska proposes a toast to Federal Judge Royce C. Lamberth for carrying out his duties as a judge precisely as he should. We find it very unfortunate that too many judges take the opportunity of a case to legislate from the bench. It may be a little known fact that judges are not only not to engage in “making law”, when the intent of the law is very clear they are not even supposed to interpret it. In these instances, the action required is quite clear.

Earl Blumenauer brought MAX train to Portland and created congestion on purpose. Does he find congestion exciting, or is this part of the master plan to get everyone to take the train and bus? Click this link and judge for yourself:

We are really making headway here.  My opponent is losing ground in the polls, we have 100’s of  volunteers canvassing every weekend. We have doubled our Facebook fans in about a week. We have produced two powerful radio messages and now we need your…