Anti-gun Judicial Nominee Defeated

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tried to ram through Halligan’s confirmation on Tuesday afternoon. In a procedural maneuver known as a “cloture vote,” Reid needed 60 votes to move the nomination forward for a final vote, but was defeated 54-4…

Reader: Nebraskans Voted For Constitutional Amendment About Marriage

One of GiN’s readers has kindly offered to share his letter written to the NU Board of Regents about President Millken’s proposal to extend medical benefits to domestic partners of University System employees. The letter appears below, and thanks to Michael for sending it in. I’d also like to report that this subject has garnered… more

Questions: What Is Justice? Does It Exist?

We here at GiN have been focused a lot on the City’s handling of the Occupy Lincoln issue, first and foremost because of the need for justice – the need for justice for all. Since it’s Sunday, a day of rest and reflection seems appropriate. In considering what I might share here, I wondered what… more

City Attorney RE Occupy Lincoln – Double Standard, Double Talk

Earlier this week, Julie Schmit-Albin, Linda and myself spoke with reporter Kay Kemmet from the Omaha World-Herald about the City’s handling of different groups and their use of public spaces, and specifically, of course, their handling of the Occupy Lincoln group. Her story was published on Friday; click the image to read it in full.… more

NU Domestic Partner Benefits: Trying To Keep Up With The (Immoral) Joneses

753px-Gustave_Doré_-_Dante_Alighieri_-_Inferno_-_Plate_22_Canto_VII_-_Hoarders_and_WastersThanks to Nancy Carr and Reverend Shannon Chestnut for bringing this issue to my attention. I have been a little pre-Occupy-ed lately.

Nebraska’s Board of Regents is apparently poised to approve a provision that would extend the University systems’ employee benefits to same sex and unmarried cohabiting partners. Reportedly, the rationale for extending those benefits is to ensure that Nebraska’s “institutions of higher learning” —– YES I use that term VERY loosely —– remain competitive with peers in the ivory towers of the upper crust elites known as universities and colleges. The pressure to be competitive, I now read, has increased since Nebraska became a member of the Big Ten.

Geez. Making football the center of a state’s universe actually has consequences, huh?

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Occupy Lincoln Tipi Smokes and City Ordinances Burn, Officials Fiddle

Following the issuance of a press release, Linda and I, as representatives of GiN, were invited on Coby Mach’s Drive Time Lincoln radio show. That press release and our discussion echoed and expanded upon the concerns of Nebraska Right to Life about City of Lincoln officials’ treatment of the Occupy Lincoln group as compared to… more