Middle Ground Not For Us: Time To Be Brave

We’ve not spoken much about faith on this site, but the more we look at solutions to the many problems we’re confronting, we discover we can’t do this alone. In order to do many of the things that we’ve already done, it’s required additional strength. There is a bit of momentum of late – we […]

Nebraska Appleseed Not Happy: Judge Refuses Injunction

Nebraska Appleseed is a Lincoln-based entity that seems to be on the wrong side of just about every issue limited government types are concerned about. If it costs money, grows government, facilitates the welfare state, promotes a “green” agenda, and potentially raises taxes, odds are high…Nebraska Appleseed would be for it. GiN’s “Deserving of Darts” […]

Oregon: Sept. 18 Gathering of Eagles

Hosted by Ames Research Laboratories, Inc.
Saturday, September 18, 20101:00-6:00pmAt the Ames RanchClick Here for Full Schedule
We are a gathering of conservative business leaders, citizens, and tea party members unified for the common cause of small…

GiN on KLKN TV: Tea Party Movement Impact In Nebraska

By Shelli Dawdy Lincoln’s KLKN TV contacted me Friday, requesting an interview regarding recent developments in the primary elections. The reporter, Stephanie Costanzo, informed KLKN had done a story everyday this week on the tea party’s impact and they were looking for the local perspective. Did the successes in other places in the country provide […]

Amazing! Reported August 23, 2010 by the Associated Press; The bill, SB1268, would prohibit transportation agencies from selling or sharing personal data and set penalties for those that violate the rules. The bill also would require agencies to destro…

Politicians Do the Side Step

Posted by Shelli Dawdy In my last article, I talked about how elected officials don’t often hear from those of us who just want to be left alone and don’t want anything from government. I theorized that is likely why, by the time politicians have run for higher office such as US Congress, they are […]

Politician Deafness & Other Natural Phenomenon

Posted by Shelli Dawdy Why do federal elected officials seem to be impervious to the objections of their constituents, specifically when those objections are voiced in large numbers? That phenomenon was very well illustrated by the drama that reached a crescendo on October 3, 2008. Congress passed the bailout bill (TARP) despite call ratios into […]

Delia Lopez is a Ron Paul Constitutionalist! She currently has 44% of the vote in Oregon’s 3rd District against the incumbent Globalist Democrat. While much attention has been paid to Rand Paul, Delia is also quite close to going up to Congress and helping Dr. No with another “NO”. Please consider a hearty donation to push her over the top! This patriot candidate must go up to the hill.

Charity Without Government: Clinic With A Heart

A GiN Toast goes to the Clinic With A Heart featured in the September 7 edition of the Lincoln Journal Star. The seven year old project shows how private citizens, churches, and businesses working together can provide for the needy within their community – without government support. We applaud the very hard work over the […]