Finding Gems and Sharing Them

They Know Where You Live and What You’ve Been Doing

A fictional? scenario and a dialogue that could occur because of some of the current laws and practices by our very own government. Be aware.

Full Disclosure: This is a collaborative piece and we hope it bears no resemblance to the reality ahead. However, if it does, then we suggest you be prepared and seek the Lord while you may do so. Sharing here with prayers for your wisdom and protection in the days ahead.

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Duane Crumbacher for Senate District 48 near Midwest City Oklahoma –– Get Involved and Make a Difference!

Sometimes you meet people and you know immediately that they are special. Duane is one of those people. At any event, he is the one making sure everything is taken care of and doing whatever is needed to make it all work. I know how he loves and cares for his family by the way he talks about them and by the way he orders his life priorities – at least from my distant perspective. We visited briefly recently about his race and I wanted to do a post for my friends to let them know about his campaign and hopefully so that each of you will figure out some way to help put this wonderful gentleman in office.

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Meet the Rothschild Family and take a Trip Through Banking History!

Our world view affects how we react to current events, and news. The people that believe government can fix most of our problems believe that if we just get the right people in key government positions then they will enact laws to benefit the American Citizens.

The “left” believe that if they get someone compassionate enough in then the wealth of our nation can be diverted to help the needy and poor.

Many on the “right” believe that if we get the right people in power then our government will keep us safe.

On the other hand, what if our system became rigged so that whatever we do or whoever we vote for we can never swing our country around to go in the right direction?

What if this could be done without the knowledge of the average citizen?