Fire Pelosi Bus Oct 7 4:30 to 6

Delia Lopez and Michael Steele and the Fire Pelosi Bus will be at the airport Shilo Inn Thursday Oct 7th 4:30 -6pm! This is the year “We the People” are taking our country back from those that want to run our lives! That is the Tea Party message. We ar…

Oregon: Sept. 18 Gathering of Eagles

Hosted by Ames Research Laboratories, Inc.
Saturday, September 18, 20101:00-6:00pmAt the Ames RanchClick Here for Full Schedule
We are a gathering of conservative business leaders, citizens, and tea party members unified for the common cause of small…

Social Networking at Midwest Liberty Fest

As I am preparing for the event, I thought that I’d give everyone a little sneak preview of our Social Networking Workshop at the Midwest Liberty Fest this weekend. It will be in Du Quoin Illinois October 9-11 and it should be full of fun and strategic information for the liberty movement too. The complete schedule and speakers and lots of other information is on the #MWLF web site. There will be debates and bands and truly something for everyone – so be there if you can for all or part of it