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Julian Assange Praised the Paul Family, But He’s Only Half Right

“Assange is certainly right about Ron. The former Texas representative has always been a vocal opponent of his government’s liberty-killing actions, including the Patriot Act, the War on Drugs, drone strikes, foreign military bases, and many more. He even praised whistleblowers like Assange, saying they ‘expose the fallacies of why we go to war.’ But Rand doesn’t seem to have the sympathy his father has for whistleblowers. He recently said that Bradley Manning deserved to be tried because of the potential harm his leaks could cause for U.S. agents abroad (note that he used the word ‘potential’).” Continue reading

78 Reasons Every American Should Wish Ron Paul a Happy Birthday

“1. He favors sound money. 2. He doesn’t care what the legal driving age is. 3. He’s a celebrity. 4. He crushes baseballs while wearing a retro Houston Astros uniform. 5. He’s not afraid to call Rick Santorum a ‘fake’ to his face. 6. He thumbs his nose at the establishment. 7. He’s suave. 8. He’s serious. 9. He enjoys a good laugh. Either that, or he just won the Showcase Showdown. 10. He’s for peace, not war. 11. He served in the military, unlike most warmongering politicians. 12. He doesn’t go to parties. The parties go to him. 13. He’s the only septuagenarian who can pull off the backwards hat look. [..]” Continue reading

“The government has embarked on an aggressive offensive to justify the detention of David Miranda by suggesting that the partner of the Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald possessed ‘highly sensitive stolen information that would help terrorism’. Amid calls from across the political spectrum for a fuller explanation, the Home Office made clear that his nine-hour detention was fully justified on the grounds that he was carrying leaked documents. The statement by the Home Office, including a challenge to critics to think about condoning the leaking of sensitive documents, marks a significant change in tone by the government.” Continue reading

Rand Paul on Bradley Manning: “I just can’t support that”

“Manning faces a maximum jail sentence of 136 years with multiple convictions of Espionage Act violations, but was declared ‘not guilty’ for aiding the enemy. Sen. Paul reasoned that there need to be some laws that protect certain secrets and that Manning put many lives at risk by releasing millions of pages ‘willy-nilly’. His main concern is that whistle-blowers break laws in order to reveal state secrets. Paul made an effort to bring a distinction between the NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning who were both charged with leaking diplomatic documents, but asserted that there needs to be justice when whistle-blowers break the law.” Continue reading